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Double test in a two-chamber case – Corsair 6500 Series Mid-Tower and the XH405i RGB Hard-Tube Custom-Loop Kit

After a long delay, today we are taking a look at the new dual-chamber case from Corsair, which generates powerful Carbide Air 540 vibes. As I also installed the XH405i RGB Hard-Tube Watercooling Kit as part of the test, you can expect plenty of pictures. So better get a large coffee to read the article today. To be precise, it was the Corsair [...]

Should you buy an ATX v3.1 power supply now or is ATX v3.0 enough? Here is the surprising answer!

The big question that many people are asking themselves: Is it still worth buying an ATX v3.0 power supply now? Recently, everyone has been asking me why they should still buy an ATX v3.0 power supply when the ATX v3.1 specification has long been on the market. However, this is also because very few people even understand that the main difference [...]

Cooler Master MasterCase EG200 and Sapphire Radeon RX 7600XT Pulse Review – What is a current eGPU good for on a notebook?

It’s clear to everyone that, for the most part, a laptop doesn’t come close to a desktop PC. This is particularly noticeable when you want to play games or use more powerful applications. Here you can clearly see that performance and quality are already limited. A gaming laptop can help, but even here there are severe limitations in [...]

Modder breathes new life into the RTX 2080: 16GB VRAM for more performance

Modders have once again set about modifying the older generation GeForce RTX 2080 graphics card from NVIDIA. This graphics card was originally released with 8GB of VRAM, but the modders have successfully upgraded it to 16GB. I have also linked a video at the end. The GeForce RTX 2080 was originally introduced by NVIDIA in 2018 based on the Turing [...]

Database of the best electrolytic capacitors – Are Japanese capacitors really better than Chinese or Taiwanese ones?

I’m letting my friend Aris have his say again today and would be delighted if you would also support his plans. What he’s testing is sound, but it’s really hard to make a name for yourself in this age of colorful YouTube videos and dangerous TikTok half-truths. And so today we’re sharing our reach again and I’m [...]

Ground on the wrong track: Why only certain power connector pins melt and we should rethink PCs | Part 1 of 2

Some things are accidental discoveries and are actually so trivial that nobody even bothers to question the current flows in the PC and, above all, to measure them. We only ever measure the 12-volt rails and are happy. But with connectors such as the 12VHPWR or 12V2x6 over 6+2 pin, the 8-pin EPS and the 24-pin mainboard connection, does exactly [...]

DIY Modding: White Edition for small money – We paint a graphics card

During the review of the BeQuiet Shadow Base 800 FX, I simply felt the need to install a white graphics card. Since no adequate model could be found in the short term and I had a rough idea of what the whole story should look like, we did it ourselves without further ado. And even if this is not the holy grail of knowledge today, we can all [...]

Real case modding: sandblasting and coating with Cerakote

There are many hobbies (or ways to waste money and especially time) and one of them is case modding. And it is not meant in today’s article the assembly of purchased RGB-lit components, but still real manual work and customization. And so today we will write about our experience with sandblasting and coating with Cerakote. We, that is [...]

Cooler Master V1300 SFX Platinum Review – Smaller and more powerful is currently not possible!

An SFX power supply with 1300W maximum power, is that possible? Yes! Cooler Master has done it, as the V1300 SFX is the most powerful SFX power supply on the market today. However, there is a catch (actually two): it can only deliver its full power with a 230VAC input. Basically, this power supply is a V1100 SFX designed for 230V networks, so it [...]

NZXT H5 Flow meets Call of Duty MW2 – Showdown in the tinkering cellar

In today’s workvlog I show you again a themed build, but this time the whole thing is kept a bit more simple and should animate something that you can create a real eye-catcher even without an elaborate custom loop water cooling. The only prerequisite you need is some creativity and a bright idea. Who knows my builds, also knows that I [...]

SHARKOON TK5m RGB Review – Compact budget case for ATX motherboards

As a constant in the budget segment, Sharkoon always knows how to surprise with unexpectedly good quality and excellent value for money. In this test, we want to find out whether the compact TK5m can do the same. Can you expect anything at all at a price of around 65€ despite four pre-installed ARGB fans? The market for inexpensive cases is [...]

HYTE Revolt 3 PC Case Revire – Cute cheese grater with a big potential

You could almost think that today there would be another review of the NZXT H1, which recently got a revised version, but no, this is about the Revolt 3 case from HYTE, a brand of the system dealer iBUYPOWER, which looks similar at first glance. According to their own statement, they want to “show their commitment to the DIY market.” [...]

Cybenetics ATX v3.0 Spec Power Excursions Calculator – Freeware tool for power supply calculation according to Intel’s specifications for load peaks | Download

We have already discussed the topic of load peaks with the upcoming graphics cards including PCIe 5.0 as well as the new ATX 3.0 standard and Intel’s statements on this topic in detail several times. But since in the end no one really knows what to do with all these standards and theory in their own practice, my friend Aris (Dr. Aristeidis [...]

Insights into ATX v3.0, ATX12VO v2.0 and PCIe 5.0 – When resource waste becomes the new standard | Investigative

The race for ever faster CPUs and above all GPUs is now producing such blossoms that even existing standards have to be softened or modified for the new energy waste offensive that soon every end consumer will have to save up for a portable nuclear power plant if they don’t want to be in debt with the energy supplier well into old age. To [...]

On bang and drop – power failure as a power supply killer

Who doesn’t know it, that moment of unbridled hatred when the power generally goes out. So when not only the fuse does its work, but the whole place suddenly goes dark? Storm or no storm, it doesn’t even have to be a direct lightning strike, which then gives the domestic electronics the final neck break. This is exactly what happened [...]

Corsair 7000D Airflow Review – elegance and function on a grand scale

With the generously dimensioned 7000 series, Corsair brings two full-tower cases with high-end requirements to the market. In this article, I want to put the feature-oriented Airflow version through its paces and find out if the 20kg Behemoth lives up to its claims. An all-in-one compact water cooling system can be installed by anyone, there is [...]

View behind the factory backdrops: This is how a power supply from Be Quiet is created! at the contract manufacturer (OEM) | Documentary

Since I’d like to go to the factories of the contract manufacturers and always try to take a look behind the scene, but just the cute little Corona virus lurks grinning behind every Far Eastern corner and i’m hämisch with a hearty “You can’t pass”, it must direct an older collection of images. The production is [...]

When important components become scarce: CPUs, GPUs, console chips and other components as complex trading objects

2020 was actually a first-class year for technological innovation, but it will probably also go down in history as the year of the ultimate frustration of discouraged consumers, when the target group will end up not being able to buy what has been on their wish list for a long time: graphics cards and processors, power supplies and last but not [...]