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Intel comments internally on the “13th and 14th Generation K SKU Processor Instability Issue” and finally brings a comprehensive update of its own investigation (Leak)

What do you think it means when Intel provides a document with the title “Title Enhanced Thermal Velocity Boost (eTVB) May Miscalculate Frequency Limits” and the subline “Issue Description An incorrect frequency limit calculation may allow the processor to operate at a high frequency state at a high temperature” [...]

Extensive workstation and AI test with Intel’s i9-13900K – The power profiles Baseline, Performance, Extreme and Insane from reasonable to pointless in practice

After we published Aris’ article about the power consumption of the Core i9-13900K in Cinebench 23 on Monday, I’m following up today with a larger program scope. And yes, I’m deliberately using a Z690 board because I also used it for the launch of Raptor Lake S and the subsequent refresh. That makes the comparison much easier [...]

Power consumption and load peaks: Checking the Intel performance profiles Baseline, Performance, Extreme and Insane in Cinebench CB23

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Intel’s potential degradation issues with the high-end 13th and 14th generation CPUs, so I thought I’d use Powenetics and test an i9-13900K under three different power settings: Standard, Performance and Extreme. Then there’s the “Insane” profile, where you set the 4096 [...]

Workstation tests, a Z690 board and Intel’s Core i9-13900K with old and new profiles: This is how (not only) the weekend dies (teaser)

Even though Intel is currently being celebrated for the new BIOS profiles for CPUs from Raptor Lake onwards on all the Z790 mainboards – has anyone ever asked themselves what will happen to the Z690 mainboards, which are also compatible? There’s nothing yet, nothing has been announced and you slowly get the impression that those [...]

Ground on the wrong track: Why only certain power connector pins melt and we should rethink PCs | Part 1 of 2

Some things are accidental discoveries and are actually so trivial that nobody even bothers to question the current flows in the PC and, above all, to measure them. We only ever measure the 12-volt rails and are happy. But with connectors such as the 12VHPWR or 12V2x6 over 6+2 pin, the 8-pin EPS and the 24-pin mainboard connection, does exactly [...]

Moody IMCs, beware! – Corsair Dominator Titanium RGB DDR5-8000 2x 24 GB Review with Overclocking and Teardown

A test is always particularly exciting when you come across unexpected problems for which the test subject is not actually responsible. This was also the case here. A RAM test, even if it’s a rather high-priced kit, now runs according to the same pattern for me and isn’t witchcraft. But this time I found myself trapped in an almost [...]

Raptor Lake Resfresh with the Intel Core i9-14900K, Core i7-14700K and Core i5-14600K Review – Hot dragon battle in the energetic final stage

Much helps much, my grandma used to say. And before you throw something away, it’s better to make something new out of it. So say my grandma and Intel. After Raptor Lake is before Arrow Lake, and so the Raptor refresh comes almost exactly one year later. Says Intel and my grandma is silent. And so, in addition to a bit more clock, at least [...]

Familiarly bright, fast as hell AND affordable?! – G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-6800 CL34 2x 16 GB kit in test with teardown and overclocking

First of all, I owe an apology to G.Skill, since the test sample was already sent to us last year, but the review is now online a few months later. The reason for this is that until recently we revised our test methodology for RAM kits in order to be able to test better and faster. However, the waiting time also benefits the Trident Z5’s [...]

Dominant even with new ICs? – Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-7200 CL34 2x 16 GB Kit Test with Teardown and Overclocking

Every day is a groundhog… er, Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 kit day, of course. We have already presented the exterior of Corsair’s high-end RAM modules a fair few times, but, as with so many things, it is mainly the inner values that matter. I can therefore already tell you that today’s test subject relies on SK Hynix 16 [...]

Intel’s new Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400 series desktop workstation processors (Sapphire Rapids) with big performance leap and advanced platform features

Let’s first look back: Intel’s nevertheless very successful HEDT line ended in 2019 with the Core X series, almost 3 years ago. Since then, the company has launched three complete generations of mobile and desktop CPUs, but completely ignored the HEDT platform. In the meantime, the Core desktop chips of the 13th generation offer a high [...]

One last Hurrah for 5H16M?! – Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-6600 CL32 2x 16 GB Kit Review with Teardown and Overclocking

With DDR5-6600 CL32, the kit from today’s review is not only the fastest RAM kit in Corsair’s portfolio but even market-wide in Europe, at least at this point. The exterior is the familiar Dominator Platinum RGB design, which we had even looked at 2 times before in tests. Accordingly, we will focus especially on the inner values of the [...]

CPU temperatures within limits? – Thermal Grizzly, Thermalright, Jeyi and Feng Zao LGA1700 frames in comparison test

the Intel Alder Lake CPUs with their LGA1700 and Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) including the bending problem have been around for 9 months now. The successor CPUs aka Raptor Lake might not be long away, but it has already been confirmed that they will use the same socket and thus most likely ILM as well. Existing motherboards with a 600 [...]

It’s over 7000! – Teamgroup DELTA RGB DDR5-6400 CL40 2 x 16GB kit Review with Overclocking and Teardown

Teamgroup has been offering some of the fastest memory modules for the platform with the T-Force DELTA DDR5 kits almost since the launch of Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs. At least on paper, other manufacturers have recently introduced even faster kits, but XMP specifications are not everything, as we know. Today, we will take another close look at [...]

JEDEC vs. Intel DDR5 specs – timings tRRD_S, tRRD_L, tFAW and tRTP in benchmark tests with Alder Lake

Today I want to talk about a guilty pleasure of mine, the overclocking of RAM, more precisely DDR5 and its timings. There is a strange difference between the specifications of JEDEC, the standard’s committee, and the Intel specifications of the Alder Lake CPUs of the 12th generation. And even though the exact functionality of the individual [...]

Affordable DDR5 lottery with potential peak performance – Patriot Signature Line DDR5-4800 modules in overclocking test | Review

SK Hynix 16 Gbit M-Die is known to be the holy grail in terms of DDR5 overclocking, at least at time of writing. The prices for the fastest kits with clock rates in the XMP profile of over 6000 Mbps are still quite expensive. However, if you dare to work on the clock and timings of the RAM yourself anyway, cheaper kits with the same ICs are an [...]

Intel’s finest crowbar selection – Core i9-12900KS binning and OC comparison with 12900K/KF

The Intel Core i9-12900KS has been on the market for a few weeks now and is, at least on paper, actually just an even more highly selected variant of the i9-12900K with a slightly higher clock and base power out of the box. Enthusiasts argue about whether this is a sensible expansion of the product portfolio. Overclockers are naturally keen on the [...]

One Motherboard, Two Faces – ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Apex review with Teardown, RAM- & Adaptive Core-OC

Today we continue with our Z690 motherboard reviews, with the Asus Maximus Z690 Apex. Not only the naming convention has changed compared to the predecessor models, because besides DDR5, PCIe 5.0 and the LGA1700 socket, there are unfortunately also a few teething troubles that I would like to address in advance, if not have to. Preface: Silicon [...]

Familiar design, even faster ICs – Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5-6200 CL36 2x 16 GB kit review with teardown and OC

We recently already tested the Dominator Platinum RGB modules from Corsair, but not yet in the SKU with 6200 Mbps and Hynix M-Die ICs. Today, that is changing. Besides the usual tests, a teardown and overclocking, we also compare the modules with the mentioned Samsung B-Die based variant and RAM sticks from other manufacturers, but with identical [...]

Searching a real jack of all trades – Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake IMC binning with DDR4, DDR5 and SP values and interesting findings

What do you do with two Core i9-12900K trays? That’s right, binning! Today we have a very special treat for you from the south of Germany. The system integrator MIFCOM has kindly provided us with a large amount of Alder Lake i9 CPUs so that we can put them through their paces and examine them for differences in clock speed. Originally, the [...]

DDR5 (relatively) affordable – Teamgroup T-Force VULCAN 5200 CL40 2x 16 GB kit review with teardown and OC

Teamgroup is a known brand in the memory market and not only since DDR5. Today we’re looking at one of their more cost-effective product lines of the new RAM standard, in the form of a VULCAN DDR5-5200 2x 16 GB kit. In addition to testing in XMP, we will of course overclock the kit manually again and find out how close you can get to faster [...]

Rembrandt illustrated: AMD’s Ryzen 6000 Mobile with Zen 3+, RDNA 2, DDR5 | technology details, gaming and application performance

We already had all the relevant information about the Ryzen 6000 for mobile use at CES, but AMD has now added some more details. Zen3+ features the improved Zen 3 cores with up to 5 GHz clock and a new RDNA 2 graphics with a targeted doubling of performance. The whole thing is manufactured in TSMC’s N6 and also features a completely new [...]

Supercool Computers Direct-Die waterblock and delid tool for Intel Alder Lake Review| Intel Core i9-12900K in Pain

Ever smaller manufacturing processes lead to ever higher thermal densities in CPUs and GPUs. This is one of the reasons why Intel’s new Alder Lake CPUs run so hot that every air cooler almost has no chance with a big i9, no matter how many watts of waste heat it is designed for. The often cited bottleneck lies further up the cooling chain [...]

Intel Socket LGA-1700 “washer mod” part 2 – motherboards, ILM manufacturers and coolers in a before/after comparison | Practice

As promised, today we cover part 2 of the “Washermod”, in which we want to evaluate a few more combinations of different motherboards, socket manufacturers and coolers in a before and after test with the modification. To briefly summarize what the washer mod is all about: washers are installed between the motherboard and the ILM [...]

News Test

AMD’s Socket AM5 v2 in detail – What is better in Ryzen than in Intel’s Socket LGA-1700 for Alder Lake | Exclusive

Today I turn for the first time in detail to AMD’s upcoming Socket AM5 (version 2), as it will be used for the upcoming Raphael CPUs (Ryzen 7000). AMD consequently changes from the PGA (Pin Grid Array) with the contacts on the CPU to the much easier to handle LGA (Land Grid Array) because of the large number of required (1718) pins. After we [...]

What is the Intel Core i5-12400 on the B660 motherboard really capable of in workstation and productive use case? Our practice test | Part 2

Can you really work efficiently and productively with an Intel Core i5-12400? And will DDR4 suffice instead of the expensive and unavailable DDR5 memory? Even if some questions remain unanswered and a “It depends” would be the most diplomatic answer, Intel’s small Core i5 isn’t that bad either. But is that enough against an [...]

Intel Core i5-12400 Review – Efficient and cheap gaming CPU for the masses with way too expensive motherboards | Part 1

Today I want to test the Intel Core i5-12400 in gaming first, before there will of course be the follow up with real application benchmarks soon. I used two brand new B660 motherboards as a base this time and also compare the DDR4 with a DDR5 version of the MSI MAG B660M Mortar WiFi, because there are some really interesting differences with [...]

Intel completely disables AVX-512 on Alder Lake after all – Questionable interpretation of “efficiency” | News / Editorial

Intel is now set to disable “AVX-512” completely on all Alder Lake CPUs with an upcoming microcode update in new BIOS releases. Mainboard manufacturers were able to make the supposedly disabled instruction set available at launch, which resulted in a significant performance increase for the P-cores of the new CPUs. Now Intel is [...]

Upcoming game changer in the mid-range? Intel Core i5-12400 Review and Gaming Benchmarks – more efficient without E-Cores and with DDR4 instead

Today we would like to anticipate one of the upcoming launches in January and test the really interesting Intel Core i5-12400 in gaming (for now). Of course, there will be a follow-up with real application benchmarks soon. Even though I’m not under NDA, I’ll be fair and deliberately use an emulated CPU and none of the available [...]