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RED BIOS EDITOR and MorePowerTool for Polaris, Navi and Big Navi

Since AMD has massively restricted the use of the SoftPowerPlayTables and thus indirectly also the MorePowerTool with the Adrenaline drivers from 2020, the community mourns the former overclocking or underclocking bonus, which made the Navi cards like a Radeon RX 5700 (XT) at least a bit more interesting or efficient and was gladly taken along as a free bonus. Unfortunately, since Adrenaline 2020 this was, at least temporarily, over for the time being. But the community around the Red BIOS Rebellion Team has of course taken up this challenge.

The result is the RBE (Red BIOS Editor), and so my thanks go to the R.B.R.T. and all the active community members who tested for days and weeks and reported bugs. The current, first version of the new tool will allow you to change, adapt and save the BIOS entries of the Radeon RX 5700 (XT) in a direct way, analogous to the MPT (More Power Tool). However, there are still some limitations with the other models at this time and we also assume that everyone first reads the disclaimer and the preliminary remarks carefully, because what can be realized with this tool clearly exceeds the possibilities of Wattman and other tools.


Currently, the MPT (MorePowerTool) works with all released Navi cards, whereby the SPPT (SoftPowerPlayTables) stored in the registry are extremely slowed down or artificially limited by the drivers. The current version of the RBE (Red BIOS Editor) allows to write all modifications of the MPT directly into the BIOS of the RX 5700, 5700 XT(X) and RX 5600 XT and to output this BIOS as a flashable file. However, currently only a single, customized version of the ATI Flash Tool allows to write at least the BIOSes created in this way to RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT(X), while there is currently no suitable software available for RX 5600 XT. If someone from the community would like to contribute and / or has the appropriate software, please feel free to contact the editorial staff. We will of course document all progress and enhancements as usual and also update them in the article.



  1. All the processes described below represent a massive intervention in the control of the graphics card and its software (BIOS)! Use of the RBE and MPT is entirely at your own risk and responsibility, and may only be performed by experienced users for evaluation purposes! Only those who agree to the following conditions may download this software!
  2. The publication igor’sLAB is not the author or commercial distributor of this software and therefore cannot assume any liability or support for the software, its use and the possible consequences of improper use. This also applies to possible program incompatibilities or data loss.
  3. Anyone using these tools, such as the RBE or MPT, agrees to these terms in full as soon as they are downloaded and waives any claims arising from the consequences of their use.
  4. Permanent operation of the components with values not intended by the manufacturer can lead to irreparable damage! The protective functions (switch-off limits) are all still activated, which minimizes the risk somewhat, but components such as the GPU, the SOC, the memory or the voltage converters can still suffer unforeseen damage!
  5. The software linked here in the article is a purely experimental intervention in the system and not with all settings intended for 24/7 use in production systems!
  6. The higher voltages that are now possible may be capable of damaging or destroying the modified hardware in the short or long term.
  7. The software accesses settings of service or third party programs, especially those of AMD Wattman. This data may be copyrighted material of its authors.
  8. For legal reasons we cannot and are not allowed to offer the flash software required to flash the individualized experimental BIOSes created in this way for direct download, but we do offer links to versions that have been reported to us by the community as suitable. But also here we can not take any responsibility for the content of third parties. Whoever downloads and uses these programs also does so at their own risk and within the scope of the restrictions listed at the beginning.

Important preliminary remark and notes on linking

If you agree with all points of the disclaimer, you will find a short tutorial and the most important steps as explanation on the next pages. Due to the complexity of the matter and the yet very individual characteristics of each graphics card (chip quality, model type, cooling), we will intentionally not publish any generally valid settings, but leave those to the community in the forum. In this way we also prevent inexperienced users from possibly getting involved in an adventure whose outcome they cannot assess at all due to lack of previous knowledge.

RBE Red BIOS Editor
MPT – More Power Tool

We make this software available here as it is and also ask you to refrain from any requests to the editors concerning its functionality and application. For all feedback all readers can use the forum including the active community for free. As a publication we are only the mediator between the R.B.R.T. and the readers of our website. In addition, the tool is available for download exclusively from this website via a special installer.


All other sources may contain unauthorized or older versions or even malware. To avoid this, digital distribution of the software available here is explicitly prohibited, especially since this would also constitute a copyright infringement. Links may only be made to this website, but not to the download links themselves, whose URL we also change periodically.

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