SilentiumPC Grandis 3 Review – Cheap & Big Twin-Tower

In my review of SilentiumPC’s Navis EVO AiO water cooling I already briefly touched on the company’s “effective design and smart cost reduction” philosophy, today I have a really good example of a practical implementation of this resolution in front of me. Whether the [...]

Scythe Kotetsu Mark II TUF Review – Colorful branding twin

For cheap air coolers with real coldplate instead of direct-touch heatpipe, the selection is quite small, Scythe has with the Kotetsu Mark II in the “normal” and Asus TUF variant one of the few candidates in the offer. How the little brother of the already tested Fuma 2 does in the [...]

Scythe Fuma 2 in test – Asymmetric all-rounder for hot hours

If you take a look at the German charts – the CPU coolers of course – then the coolers of the manufacturer Scythe with beQuiet are jostling for the top places. With 18 years of experience in the field of passive and silent cooling, the Tokyo-based company, including a branch in Germany [...]

Deepcool Assassin III Review – Cooling power thanks to double tower

Deepcool, or their own gaming brand Gamer Storm, is perhaps better known for their cases with integrated AiO water cooling or eye-catchers like the Quadstellar, less for individual cooling solutions. But already last year they started their attack on the radiator best-lists with a series of water [...]

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 FE freezed – with Pad Mod it gets much cooler

Oops, I did it again… Okay, I’m not blonde and I don’t jump around the universe like a ball lightning on ecstasy, but sometimes you wonder what’s being packed together in the individual factories. Good for those who have enough pad reserves. Shall we try again? Which means [...]