Cooler Master Hyper 622 Halo Review – Half black, half RGB Illumination

We recently reviewed this manufacturer’s new all-black flagship, but today we’re moving more in the direction of the upper mid-range, and it’s also allowed to have some colorful lighting. A decent cooling performance and still an unproblematic size for most mid towers is promised, so let’s check it out together! Here we go [...]

First major update of the fan database: search engine and metrics

After we released the beta on Thursday, I received a lot of feedback from the community. This was reason enough for our programmer to go one step further and implement what makes sense from a technical point of view. Thus, two new columns can already be used for ranking: Airflow per dBA and static pressure per dBA. Since this ratio is rather [...]

Interactive case fan database – search and compare the specifications as well as real measurement data of current fans

Today we start the beta phase of our first interactive fan database and offer for the first time a variety of real measurement results compared to the manufacturer data in an interactive database, which allows comparisons of application scenarios and speeds that did not exist so far. Since there is currently no source that offers realistic and [...]