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We want to bet on voluntarism. On the one hand, as far as the use of adblockers is concerned, by leaving the page as tolerable as the reader is prepared to accept it, and on the other hand, via a kind of “Donate” button, which enables the readers to contribute to the success of our projects with a single or multiple donation. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to contribute content and actively participate as a leisure author – a lot is possible.

Each contribution will exclusively benefit the development of our editorial work, because even more articles do not write themselves. It is not a must, but purely voluntary, since we are of the opinion that quality can also carry itself, if target group and contents are correct. But if we want more, we have to invest more, otherwise the status quo will remain forever.



Alternatively, anyone who doesn’t have a PayPal account and doesn’t want to open one can support us with the classic bank transfer.

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