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Sapphire Teaser – Pretty Toxic! From reviewer to toxicologist

If you own a good subwoofer, you have to be very brave now. The neighbour is indirectly informed and here in the laboratory not only the fingers sweat. Yes, there is still something coming and going up! What exactly, you will find out soon. But it’s gonna be badly toxic, that’s for sure [...]

ClockTuner for Ryzen (CTR) Cleaner – The tool for the tool

Since there were some irritations at the beginning, also in connection with older installations, a special CTR-Cleaner is now available for download, which deletes the old entries from the registry under ” %LOCALAPPDATA%/A, %LOCALAPPDATA%/Nemesis_UIv2″ reliably. Please note: The program [...]

Diagram of Intel’s first 7nm HPC GPU Xe with correct annotations spotted

Intel recently unveiled one of its biggest chips, and our colleagues at have tapped various sources for more details. Although it was clear from the technical explanations at Intel’s Architecture Day what Intel is up to, the picture that now emerges is quite overwhelming. The [...]

Corsair 5000D, 5000D Airflow and iCUE 5000X RGB cases announced

Corsair is announcing the new 5000 Series cases at CES 2021. Continuing the naming scheme and design language introduced with the 4000 Series in late September, the 5000 Series is available as the 5000D, 5000D Airflow and iCUE 5000X RGB. In addition to the black variants, there will also be white [...]