EKWB und ein finanzielles Desaster mit Ansage: Nicht bezahlte Rechnungen, ausgenutzte Mitarbeiter und genervte Gläubiger wie ich

I want to make one thing perfectly clear: I am neither a judge, nor do I have the right to write on behalf of others or to pre-judge a company. However, as I am also among those affected and find the way EKWB handles its payment obligations to be downright shabby and arrogant, Stephen Burke from Gamers Nexus has done the work for me with his 36 [...]

Fast server memory: Intel and JEDEC confirm DDR5-8800 for Granite Rapids

In a significant step towards improving the performance and security of next-gen server platforms, Intel and JEDEC have unveiled the capabilities of DDR5-8800 memory. This breakthrough technology promises to significantly increase data processing speed and efficiency, especially for AI and machine learning (ML) workloads.   JEDEC, the standards [...]

Who is actually behind the PCI SIG and the PCI Express standardization?

Although many see the PCI SIG as the originator of the ill-fated 12VHPWR or 12V2x6 connector, the PCI Special Interest Group (PCI SIG) is an industry-wide non-profit organization founded in 1992. Its members consist of hundreds of companies from the computer and electronics industry who work together to develop and promote standards for peripheral [...]

Cool down first! Jonsbo introduces new Gen 5 SSD cooler

Nowadays, you need good cooling for Gen 5 SSD storage media so that you don’t suddenly have an SSD that causes thermal problems due to the high heat, which is exactly why Jonsbo is introducing a new Gen 5 SSD cooler that provides a remedy, as ITHome reports. SSDs are constantly evolving and the fifth generation or SSDs with PCIe 5.0 support [...]

AAEON presents its new GRA-A770 with Intel’s Arc A 770 GPU

The company AAEON has presented its new Intel graphics card, based on Intel’s Arc A 770 GPU architecture. This is the next player after Biostar to enter the market with Intel graphics solutions. AAEON, an industrial PC company, has unveiled its new GRA-A770, which contains some interesting technical details. It measures 99 mm x 291 mm x 44 [...]

ASUS introduces two new monitors in its ProArt Display series

ASUS presented two new monitors from its Pro Art Display series at the NAB 2024 trade fair, which may be of interest to some. The first of these is the ProArt Display PA32KCX, which measures 7680 x 4320, i.e. 32 inches with 8K picture quality. This is said to be the world’s first professional 8K mini LED monitor. The average ΔE value is said [...]

Outplayed? KOEI TECMO files a lawsuit against the Singaporean company YOUZU

Gaming has become an important part of life for many people. Be it on a PC, console or cell phone. Everyone has something they like to spend their time with. Many developers go to great lengths to offer their customers something. However, there are also illegal ways to push their games, for example. This is precisely why the Japanese company KOEI [...]

Arrow Lake-PS is coming: Intel unveils new LGA 1851 socket

Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg offered exciting insights into the future of embedded systems. In addition to the official presentation of Intel’s Meteor Lake-PS platform by iBase, there was the first concrete information on the upcoming LGA 1851 socket and the Arrow Lake-PS CPU series based on it, according to a report by ComputerBase [...]

nPerf launches new app for PC and Mac with a unique feature

Some time ago we reported on nPerf’s new features, with the new overview map where you can view the network coverage of the individual countries as well as the evaluations of the fixed network Internet and mobile Internet performance. Now, with a new app for PC and Mac, nPerfs is launching a desktop application that also includes a unique [...]