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Strix Point takes off: AMD Ryzen AI PRO 300 series announced

AMD is reportedly gearing up to launch its next-generation Ryzen AI PRO 300 “Strix Point” series in October. reports Hoang Anh Phu via X, which will include two variants: the Ryzen 370 and the Ryzen 360. This new series of PRO (Accelerated Processing Units) APUs will target the needs of enterprises and professionals, offering cutting-edge AI and computing power in a compact and energy-efficient design.

Source: Leonardo.ai

While the exact specifications have not yet been released, leaks and previous information suggest the following models and features:

Ryzen AI 9 HX PRO 370, this flagship model is expected to have 12 cores and 24 threads, with high clock speeds and powerful Radeon Graphics integrated graphics. Ryzen AI 7 PRO 360, this model could have 8 cores and 16 threads as well as integrated Radeon graphics. It is likely that further models of the Ryzen AI PRO 300 “Strix Point” series with different core numbers and clock rates will follow.

Source: Hoang Anh Phu via X

The Ryzen AI PRO 300 “Strix Point” series will be based on AMD’s latest Zen 4 architecture and integrate the latest RDNA 3 graphics. This is said to offer significant improvements over the previous generation in terms of performance and power efficiency, especially in AI workloads. The Ryzen AI PRO 300 “Strix Point” series is aimed at businesses and professionals who require high performance and AI capabilities in a compact and energy efficient design. The series is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

AI-powered applications: Machine learning, deep learning, image and speech recognition, natural language processing

Creative applications: Video editing, 3D rendering, CAD/CAM

Professional applications: Scientific calculations, financial modeling, data analysis

The Ryzen AI PRO 300 “Strix Point” series is expected to be launched in October 2024. Availability and pricing will be announced by AMD and its partners.

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen AI PRO 300 “Strix Point” series promises a significant upgrade in performance and AI capabilities for businesses and professionals. With a combination of Zen 4 architecture, RDNA 3 graphics and energy-efficient design, the series offers a versatile solution for a variety of demanding applications.

Source: Hoang Anh Phu


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Andere Newsseiten sprechen von Zen 5 und RDNA3.5. Ich schätze mal hier hat der Fehlerteufel gewütet?

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Wundere mich da auch. Denn sonst wären die Strix zunächst einmal nur Phoenix/Hawks APUs mit größerer NPU. Zumindest im Moment ist mir die NPU relativ egal, da es zZt keine "killer apps" dafür gibt, die bei mir das "haben wollen" auslösen. Wobei die Phoenix/Hawks schon so sehr gute APUs für Notebooks sind. Bei Strix wäre es wichtig, daß AMD nicht wieder monatelang nach dem angeblichen Launch noch an den Treibern basteln muß, wie bei Phoenix.

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Auch AMD selbst schreibt Zen 5

Nur leider haben die nen FP8 Sockel :(

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