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Nintendo goes all Asus: “Service” as a goldmine, a double cycle of goods for cheated customers and a defective cent component. Not like that!

When normal sales are no longer enough, companies naturally like to look for other lucrative sources of income. Today’s article will show you how this can easily be done and proves once again that companies like Asus or Samsung are just the tip of the iceberg that can cause your wallet to sink with a big crash. Let’s say you have a [...]

Geekom A8 Mini-PC in test – A Ryzen 8945HS at the physical limit

Today we are taking a look at the direct successor to the Geekom A7, which comes with largely identical key data and a CPU upgrade. So much remains the same, but you can potentially look forward to more performance and improvements in terms of AI cores. So let’s find out how much of the paper translates into reality! Click here for the [...]

Slime in the GPU water block and white crystals in the radiator – about plasticizers, corrosion and the wrong materials | Investigative

Today’s case comes from the community and a lengthy investigation was necessary because there were actually two causes of the pollution at the same time. I will describe my process, the measurements and also the conclusions in chronological order and it also shows once again how important it is to know the connections and not just speculate [...]

NiPoGi GK3 Plus Mini-PC test – Probably the best cooled Intel N97

I have tested so many of these small computers with Intel’s N-series processors that I should actually be familiar with all the underlying circuit boards. In most cases, only a different housing or imprint is used from brand to brand, the innards remain the same. That’s why I now turn down requests, because there’s no need to [...]

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MSI Spatium M580 Gen5 and M560: New SSDs with innovative technology

MSI is setting new standards in performance and efficiency with the launch of its next generation Spatium SSD series, the Spatium M580 Gen5 and Spatium M560 Gen5. The M580 Gen5 sets itself apart from the competition with innovative non-metallic vapor chamber cooling, while the M560 Gen5 offers a cost-effective DRAM-less option for Gen5 speed.   [...]

NZXT at Computex: Airflow cases, new fans, brand new power supplies and a tour of the trade fair with many products

First of all, I would of course like to recommend the valuable trade fair video from me, because the tour and a nice explanation naturally provide a real live impression that no film in the world can replace. If you want to see two people really sweating (me because of the heat and NZXT because of the amount of explanations), I can only warmly [...]