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RED BIOS EDITOR and MorePowerTool for Polaris, Navi and Big Navi

Since AMD has massively restricted the use of the SoftPowerPlayTables and thus indirectly also the MorePowerTool with the Adrenaline drivers from 2020, the community mourns the former overclocking or underclocking bonus, which made the Navi cards like a Radeon RX 5700 (XT) at least a bit more [...]

Sapphire Teaser – Pretty Toxic! From reviewer to toxicologist

If you own a good subwoofer, you have to be very brave now. The neighbour is indirectly informed and here in the laboratory not only the fingers sweat. Yes, there is still something coming and going up! What exactly, you will find out soon. But it’s gonna be badly toxic, that’s for sure [...]

Reviews & News

Sharkoon Skiller Mech SGK30 Keyboard Review – Surprising middle class

With the Skiller Mech SGK30, Sharkoon wanted to bring a mechanical keyboard for gamers to the market, which can be classified in the popular “good and cheap” segment. And if the sales charts of the comparison portals are to be believed, then not only has this goal been achieved, but [...]