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RED BIOS EDITOR and MorePowerTool for Polaris, Navi and Big Navi

Since AMD has massively restricted the use of the SoftPowerPlayTables and thus indirectly also the MorePowerTool with the Adrenaline drivers from 2020, the community mourns the former overclocking or underclocking bonus, which made the Navi cards like a Radeon RX 5700 (XT) at least a bit more [...]

Corsair 5000D, 5000D Airflow and iCUE 5000X RGB cases announced

Corsair is announcing the new 5000 Series cases at CES 2021. Continuing the naming scheme and design language introduced with the 4000 Series in late September, the 5000 Series is available as the 5000D, 5000D Airflow and iCUE 5000X RGB. In addition to the black variants, there will also be white [...]

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The Sunday SM Infusion (Social Media Blended)

I'm always getting my hands on various pieces of gold that are criss-crossed and publicly posted on social media. Even though in most cases the source can't even be determined anymore because everyone is always and constantly sharing and re-posing, there are a lot of things in there that I [...]

Premium sound in studio quality: The new Shure Aonic 50 headphones in test

The Shure Aonic 50 is a circumaural wireless headset with active noise cancelling and is said to offer studio quality. At various retailers you can buy this headset for around 300 Euro. The RRP of Shure is 369 Euro, but a look at the website shows that the RRP has been lowered to 319 Euro. Scope of [...]

SilentiumPC Grandis 3 Review – Cheap & Big Twin-Tower

In my review of SilentiumPC’s Navis EVO AiO water cooling I already briefly touched on the company’s “effective design and smart cost reduction” philosophy, today I have a really good example of a practical implementation of this resolution in front of me. Whether the [...]

Scythe Kotetsu Mark II TUF Review – Colorful branding twin

For cheap air coolers with real coldplate instead of direct-touch heatpipe, the selection is quite small, Scythe has with the Kotetsu Mark II in the “normal” and Asus TUF variant one of the few candidates in the offer. How the little brother of the already tested Fuma 2 does in the [...]