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The best workstation graphics cards from AMD and NVIDIA in 2023 – How does the Radeon Pro W7000 series compare to Ada and Ampere in benchmarks?

Where do current workstation graphics cards from both manufacturers stand when it comes to design, construction, simulation, 3D visualization and creation? Has AMD been able to catch up or even overtake with the new lineup of Radeon Pro graphics cards or are Ada and Ampere still the measure of all things? I’ll try to find objective answers [...]

CORSAIR K70 MAX Magnetic-Mechanical Keyboard Review – Are switches with a variable trigger point the solution for all problems?

With the next refresh of the K70 – in this case the K70 MAX – Corsair introduces the brand new magnetic switches. Thanks to the adjustable trigger point, the MGX switches are supposed to achieve the perfect balance between fast response (gaming) and maximum precision (typing). You can read whether the “wonder switches” [...]

AMD Radeon Pro W7600 and Radeon Pro W7500: New Professional Graphics Cards for CAD, 3D Rendering, Video Editing and Machine Learning

AMD today announced two new professional graphics cards, the Radeon Pro W7600 and Radeon Pro W7500. Both cards are based on the new RDNA 3 architecture and offer a range of features that make them suitable for a variety of professional applications. AMD thus rounds off the product family at the bottom. A Radeon W7700 has not yet been colped [...]

SoundPeats Engine 4 True Wireless In-Ears in the test – evolution instead of revolution! But in favorable.

We have already tested several inexpensive in-ears from the Chinese manufacturer SoundPeats, and so far they have all scored with a decent price-performance ratio and rich bass. New models are tirelessly introduced to the market and with the Engine 4, enough new features have been added that I dared to take another look. To the manufacturer itself [...]

AliExpress as a hub for Plagiarism – Beyerdynamic, Shure, Neumann and many other Brands at discount Prices (with Teardown)

Product copying of major brand audio equipment in China is now a sad reflection of global challenges. In recent years, the copying and replication of major brand audio equipment by Chinese manufacturers has attracted worldwide attention and also a great deal of anger. This practice, also known as “cloning,” has drawn both highly [...]