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Corsair Katar Pro XT Mouse Review – Adapted for Claw and Fingertips

Corsair’s mouse assortment has grown considerably in the last few years, practically in every price range and for every target group they have something on offer. In the midfield we now added another model especially for players with claw and fingertip grip, which we take a closer look at in [...]

Copper paste better than thermal paste? Myth busted – a bit | practice

After my last article about testing various thermal paste substitutes, I received some interesting feedback and even submissions from my readers, which I will gladly work through in chronological order. Besides great industrial pastes I first received a letter with copper paste and the request to [...]

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti 12 GB not until May? If…

And the groundhog always says hello, or rather the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. The latest rumor is that NVIDIA has postponed the launch of the new card by one (more) month from April to May. Among others, ITHome also reports on this shift, but without going into more detail about possible reasons [...]

PowerColor RX 6900XT Liquid Devil Review – Well cooled is half won!

In the meantime, in addition to the already extensively tested reference cards of AMD’s RX-6000 series, there are also various board partner cards – not for sale – which include the truly exceptional PowerColor RX 6900XT Liquid Devil. After some back and forth due to the [...]