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Deepcool Matrexx 55 in review – we build a chic Ryzen PC | igorsLAB

No, good things don't always have to be extremely expensive, you can also be happy with the clever management of your rather limited budget and still drive it quite colorfully. And I mean that quite literally, because Deepcool has also equipped everything with RGB LEDs. Of course, you can see that now as you like, but above all in the dark [...]

Raijintek Samos NV2080 Ti RBW in exclusive review – A VGA water block as a price breaker with passable performance

Icebreakers and price breakers arenot quite accidental lycomal and so I was looking forward to the Raijintek Samos NV 2080 Ti RBW, which trudged in as a pre-model directly from the manufacturer here. Well, there was no final packaging yet and there was still some improvisation, but the product itself was final, if already used. And one thing I can [...]

Real frozen cut? EK Waterblocks Vector Radeon VII review | igorsLAB

A little bit I now put up the horse from behind, after we have already reached and published the overclocking results of the Radeon VII with exactly this cooler, but especially the assembly of this cooler in general and the peculiarities of the Radeon VII when tightening the screws in particular, a second, more precise look is also worthwhile. And [...]

Aorus X299 Master review – Gigabyte's cool answer to Intel's hotheads

Important preliminary remarks I admit that motherboard tests are complex and often ungrateful for the tester, because the readership remains quite manageable, as long as it is, for example, an enthusiast platform like the Socket 2066. Nevertheless, I find it very exciting to observe what would be possible and also if you as a manufacturer make a [...]