Intel Innovation 2023: Intel confirms three new CPU generations for client PCs: Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake and Panther Lake

Intel unveiled its next generation of client CPUs at Innovation 2023, including Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake and Panther Lake. Arrow Lake is the first generation and will be launched next year. It is based on the 20A process node and uses a new core architecture. Lunar Lake and Panther Lake will follow in the following years. Intel’s next desktop [...]

Geforce RTX 5000: Chiplet GPU and far-reaching changes (rumors)

Nvidia’s next generation of graphics cards could use a chiplet GPU and a new architecture. Rumors about Nvidia’s Geforce RTX 5000 have been in the headlines for months. The latest rumors attribute a multi-chiplet module (“MCM”) to the successor of Ada Lovelace, as it is already used on some graphics cards from the current [...]

AMD Epyc 8004 and the Socket SP6 – AMD goes one better

AMD is now officially finalizing the 4th generation of the EPYC family with the AMD EPYC 8004 processors designed specifically for cloud services. The new processors deliver exceptional power efficiency and strong performance in an optimized, single-socket package, supported by Dell Technologies, Ericsson, Lenovo, Supermicro and others, and [...]

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7985WX: The flagship for the SP6 platform

AMD has not yet officially announced the new Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7985WX with 64 cores, but first pictures of the processor have already surfaced on the Internet. The chip is supposed to use the SP6 CPU socket and have 64 Zen 4 cores. There is not much information about the Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7985WX yet, but it is clear that AMD wants to [...]

Starfield update brings DLSS, FOV slider and more

Bethesda has announced the first major update for Starfield. The update includes a number of new features and improvements that players have been asking for. One highlight is the support for DLSS. Another important feature is the FOV slider, which allows players to customize the angle of view in the game. This is especially important for players [...]

AMD ray tracing: RADV driver brings performance leap

AMD has significantly improved the ray tracing performance of its Radeon graphics cards on Linux. The new drivers, which are based on the open-source Mesa RADV Vulkan, use “monolithic pipelining” to boost performance. This means that ray tracing calculations are now performed in a single step, instead of multiple steps. This [...]

Ordered from Wish and got Temu delivered? How to purposefully destroy money, give away your data and accumulate pointless junk

It’s Friday again, the graphics card to be tested is still sweating in the lab and I’ll serve you a different kind of breakfast cake instead. Maybe I’ll still manage to write the article today, otherwise it will be on Monday. I can but already spoil it: it is the pure innocence in white! So it’s the cat-haired Alpina white [...]

AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT – To be released with 10 GB and / or 12 GB variants?

AMD could launch a new Radeon RX 7600 XT series graphics card with more memory. The EEC filing suggests that AMD partners are already developing a new Radeon RX 7600 XT graphics card, which could be available in 10 GB and 12 GB variants, above the already launched RX 7600. The original RX 7600 without XT comes with 8 GB of memory, but the new [...]

SHARGEEK STORM 2 Review – The most transparent powerbank in the world with a bizarre interior and an absurd price

The world of power banks is truly an adventure in its own right. When you look at the shelves in electronics stores and all the online offers, one might think that they are all gallantly growing in competition with each other. They come in all sizes, colors, and shapes, as if they were part of a power bank fashion show. But there’s a catch [...]

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max go subatomic with 3nm chip

The A17 Pro introduces hardware ray tracing in a new GPU, and console-quality games have been announced for the phone. Apple’s A17 Pro chip brings console gaming to the smartphone. Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will get the first 3-nanometer chip, the A17 Pro. The A17 Pro has 19 billion transistors and a 6-core CPU with [...]

Upscaling fix mod for Starfield improves texture quality

Starfield mod makes textures sharper when using upscalers Well-known modder doodlum has released a new mod for Starfield that makes the game look sharper. The mod, called Upscaling Fix, fixes a problem with the default implementation of upscaling in Starfield. The problem is that the default implementation does not properly set the negative mipmap [...]