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Mafia Definite Edition – (almost) better than the original. Just play it!

Mafia was my favorite for long evenings (and sometimes nights) for 18 years. So a new edition should be quite difficult in direct comparison. But for Mafia Definitive Edition, the actual gameplay would (thank God) not change much. Much of what is new can be deselected or adapted to the old feeling [...]

The twelve-pin of the day – When a tester is fully charged

As I have to deal with Ampere more than the article plan is good for, I have packed all my thoughts and visual comparisons into not very serious pictures to bridge the gap. I am not allowed to show the card in operation yet, but the NDA never mentioned the plug. So we’ll just use this instead [...]

Crazy, funny, absurd and bizarre: The 40 most bizarre PC moments

Some ideas are so gaga and beyond good and evil that they are brilliant again. The situation is no different with the users. In our little Picture Story, everything from self-tanners to oil PCs is represented. Grandma's letter soup wants to be spooned out first - here you need strong bites [...]