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40 really dirty pictures: When the PC is really dirty

In view of the fact that I am currently reorganising my warehouse and have also parted with various things that have accumulated over almost 15 years, today I am posting a photo series that deals with various residues and deposits, even though it definitely does not describe the state of my own warehouse. But the general rule is: when inner values [...]

Voron Trident 3D Printer Review – My experience with the Fysetc Kit

Today there is once again an excursion into my other hobby away from the hardware. It’s about a very special 3D printer, a project that has kept me busy over several weekends. I am talking about a Voronto be more precise a Voron Trident! Why I chose a 3D printer from a manufacturer that isn’t one at all and for a model that you [...]

When the computer is in a bad way and IT is upside down

We start today’s Sunday with the new GeForce RTX 5090 in a space-saving dual-fan design and a tolerable 2200 watts TBP. Also noteworthy is the 230VHPWR plug, which can also be plugged directly into the socket via NVIDIA adapter. A suitable ATX 3.0 power supply is already integrated in the case