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40 really dirty pictures: When the PC is really dirty

In view of the fact that I am currently reorganising my warehouse and have also parted with various things that have accumulated over almost 15 years, today I am posting a photo series that deals with various residues and deposits, even though it definitely does not describe the state of my own warehouse. But the general rule is: when inner values [...]

Voron Trident 3D Printer Review – My experience with the Fysetc Kit

Today there is once again an excursion into my other hobby away from the hardware. It’s about a very special 3D printer, a project that has kept me busy over several weekends. I am talking about a Voronto be more precise a Voron Trident! Why I chose a 3D printer from a manufacturer that isn’t one at all and for a model that you [...]

When the computer is in a bad way and IT is upside down

We start today’s Sunday with the new GeForce RTX 5090 in a space-saving dual-fan design and a tolerable 2200 watts TBP. Also noteworthy is the 230VHPWR plug, which can also be plugged directly into the socket via NVIDIA adapter. A suitable ATX 3.0 power supply is already integrated in the case

The daily scam on eBay: When the cheap Eastern Digital Green SSD of a top seller suddenly halves | Test purchase and warning

Let’s be honest: is there currently an SSD with 2 TB of storage available for under 50 Euros? If it were up to certain eBay “top sellers,” it probably would. This contradicts the search results in reputable stores, but maybe the little technology miracle is taking place just outside of the usual big online shops. For example, if [...]

The 400 Euro Budget Build – Finally graphics cards again!

Today we have some light entertainment in the form of a small buildlog of a system or rather a complete configuration, which had to fit into a rather tight budget. The whole thing happened “on behalf” of my circle of acquaintances, so I dug through the Prime Day deals, classifieds and our recommendations here on IgorsLab and report the [...]

The net laughs: Kalinka! – Modding between Moscow and Siberia

You have to like him, the Russian humour. This, in turn, coupled with craftsmanship and a bit of imagination, yields quite unimaginable perspectives in the field of case mods. Pictures that prove that even elsewhere tin produces strange flowers. Modding is a thankful field of activity and does not only consist in the affixing of various lamps or [...]