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QIDI TECH X-Plus 3 V2 3D Printer Review – Got some room to spare in your basement?

Today we’ll take a look at a device that wavers between very good and strange in many places. Large build space, active electric heating for high internal temperatures and Klipper out of the box have piqued my interest. Again, there is a lot to look at, discuss and evaluate today, so quickly cleared as large a storage space as possible and started!

Packaging and scope of delivery

When the package tracking is approaching your address and you want to do your letter carrier a favor, you should help unloading. Due to size and weight it is much easier with two people.

You can also somehow manage the walk from the front door to the installation site. The two cutouts in the sides of the box are very useful in any case.

The really very good packaging with additional protection at the corners also continues inside.

Once the top layer of foam is removed, the next layer goes directly underneath.

The printer can then either be tipped out of the box or lifted out.

There are no other accessories hidden in the bottom this time, everything was stowed directly in the printer.

This is quite extensive and even includes a container for filament, which also acts as a holder on the printer. A small packet of silica gel can also be stored in it. An additional hotend with a hardened nozzle is also pleasing to see. Personally, I also prefer data transfer via USB stick to SD card, but via home network is also possible with this printer.

More information can be found on the manufacturer’s product page, but we’ll continue unpacking on the next page for now.


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Tim Kutzner


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Scheinbar gibts es nochmal eine neuere Version mit anderem Extruder-Gehäuse.
Da Qidi davon aber nichts hat verlauten lassen, wird so getestet wie erhalten :D

Danke an Nico Fritzler in den Kommentaren bei Facebook:

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