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Voron Trident 3D Printer Review – My experience with the Fysetc Kit

Today there is once again an excursion into my other hobby away from the hardware. It’s about a very special 3D printer, a project that has kept me busy over several weekends. I am talking about a Voronto be more precise a Voron Trident! Why I chose a 3D printer from a manufacturer that isn’t one at all and for a model that you [...]

Own ITX NAS from 3D Printer – Setup, Software and Results | Part 2

We seamlessly follow up on the last article about my 3D-printed NAS, then today it’s all about commissioning and also finally performance testing. If you haven’t read the last article yet, you should definitely catch up on it. In this one, it does get very software-heavy. Preparations As already announced, I decided to use [...]