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Bambu Lab introduces the new A1 mini 3D printer and AMS lite

After a teaser campaign lasting almost two weeks, there is finally concrete information about Bambu Lab’s new 3D printer, the A1 mini, today. The speculations have come to an end, but probably not quite with the expected result for many. As the name suggests, it’s a small, completely new model and not a larger version of the already familiar CoreXY design. Unfortunately, we didn’t get high-resolution images for everything, so here and there screenshots from the press PDF have to do.

As usual for marketing, everything so far is described very effusively positive, in the sense of completeness I have taken the most relevant points. And of course, I’m trying to get a test copy to be able to check the many promises in practice. So, as always, first display a healthy skepticism until independent reviews have been published.

The following information and key data was provided to us by the manufacturer:

  • Capability for printing with 4 colors
  • 180 x 180 x 180mm installation space
  • Automatic calibration
  • active flow compensation
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for the motor
  • Delivery completely assembled
  • 459$ for A1 mini AMs lite combo
  • 299$ for A1 mini standalone
  • 249$ for AMS lite standalone

Easy commissioning

Pre-assembled, pre-set and pre-tuned. The printer does not need to be assembled by the buyer but works right out of the box. It does all calibrations automatically. Before each print, the A1 mini automatically adjusts Z-offset, mesh compensation, and X- and Y-axis vibration resonance. An innovative Nozzle pressure sensor is used to calibrate the flow dynamics, similar to Klipper’s Pressure Advance.

Operation is via a new touchscreen user interface, and an IPS display (2.4″ / 320×240) is said to make operation as smooth as a smartphone. The firmware guides the user through all steps and helps with concrete tips in case of problems. Through an integration with the new MakerWorld platform, the A1 mini can load preset print files in 3mf format and start printing with just one click.

Multicolor 3D printing made accessible

The AMS lite offers a simple solution for multi-material 3D printing. It supports up to 4 colors in conjunction with the A1 mini. Compared to its predecessor, the AMS lite has fewer parts and exposes all high-maintenance parts, which should make it more reliable and easy to maintain.

For example, it is significantly easier to remove a broken filament from the PTFE tubing. The AMS lite is also equipped with a Bambu RFID reader for automatic filament synchronization. It can recognize Bambu filament types, synchronize with Bambu Studio and automatically select the appropriate printer profile.

Quiet operation and small size

The A1 Mini uses “Active Motor Noise Cancellation Technology” to reduce motor movement noise and is said to provide quieter operation. When first turned on, a motor calibration process is performed to calibrate the vibration characteristics of the specific motors in its own copy. Once calibrated, the motor driver will actively suppress some of the noise, similar to headphones with ANC.

According to the manufacturer, the printer fits on an A4 sheet of paper, and a specific size (WxDxH) of 347 x 315 x 365 mm can be taken from the specifications.


A maximum print speed of 500mm/s and 10,000mm/s acceleration are promised by the way, let’s see how it looks with the low noise level. The hotend is supposed to be replaceable without tools or disconnecting cables and to be done in less than 30 seconds. You can read the rest here:



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Tim Kutzner


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Der sieht ja schon interessant aus, mal schauen was der Euro Preis sagt, vielleicht werde ich schwach

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Tim Kutzner


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€489,00 mit AMS lite
€319,00 für den Drucker alleine

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Der Cloudzwang bei Bambu Lab ist für mich ein NoGo.

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