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When artificial stupidity triumphs over common sense and Facebook’s meta-stupid AI mistakes innocent headphones for criminals

It’s hardly news anymore that Artificial Intelligence (AI) doesn’t always hit the mark. But now, I’ve been struck by it multiple times – always over the same subject. In a world where Artificial Intelligence is often hailed as the pinnacle of human progress, Meta – the parent company of Facebook – has taught me a valuable [...]

Personnel changes at igor’sLAB and a personal statement | Editorial

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate our freelance colleague, Pascal Mouchel, on his new full-time position at Alphacool International! Especially in such turbulent times as these, for those who don’t want to just relax in the social safety net, there’s something very important to appreciate: a position in a stable company with [...]

Bye bye Lingotek aka Ray Enterprise aka Straker – How greed forces long-time customers to alternatives and even saves costs at the customer’s end

It is well known that our site is bilingual and that the content must be managed in the WordPress CMS. I’ve been using Polylang for this since 2019 and Polylang Pro since 2020, which significantly simplifies the implementation and management of multilingualism. Many things are also first translated by machine and later still manually post [...]

Intel completely disables AVX-512 on Alder Lake after all – Questionable interpretation of “efficiency” | News / Editorial

Intel is now set to disable “AVX-512” completely on all Alder Lake CPUs with an upcoming microcode update in new BIOS releases. Mainboard manufacturers were able to make the supposedly disabled instruction set available at launch, which resulted in a significant performance increase for the P-cores of the new CPUs. Now Intel is [...]

Using a Frame Limiter to de-noise your gaming laptop without losing performance and easier to do than ever before | XMG guest review

Hi everyone, in our forums, questions such as “why is my graphics card getting so hot” are often answered with a hint towards FPS limiters. But it happened only recently that NVIDIA has finally packed this function into their own driver. Time for dedicated article on this topic from a gaming laptop brand’s point of view. But [...]

Why the GeForce RTX 3070 is the most important warrior for NVIDIA and so dangerous for the rest – Just buy it? | Editorial

So now it has only just begun, the complete RTX’ing of the whole universe. Because if up to now either the prices for the powerhouses or the missing muscle weakness in the lower shelf area were gallantly in the way of a traced mass infection, now finally also for the small price people we will se nice amping and shading! I admit, the price [...]

Why manufacturers are struggling with AMD notebooks, why AMD likes to trip itself up and why the blue conspiracy is not a conspiracy at all | Search for answers

I just had to write down the following now, because I neither like the usual conspiracy theories about alleged constraints (although Intel has provided enough reasons for this in the past), nor do I find many forum discussions fair, which once again show that among many forists there seem to be more experts than capable engineers in the [...]