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First Prices Appeared in Shops – Intel's New CPUs Mark Annoying Negative Records | Editorial

No, beautiful is really something else. Apart from the fact that a shortage always entails certain price increases (as we know about coffee and cocoa), the current prices are simply beyond good and evil. At least from the point of view of buyers, who really have to ask themselves whether AMD's Ryzen is really the more sensible alternative. Especially since one could speculate about a wide availability of the new refresh CPUs next week.

Always having to have the fastest and longest always goes to the financial basic substance with many potential ups and downs, because after Nvidia's extatic dance around the Golden RTX calf, the already badly stricken gamers are now to be asked to pay again. Be. A whopping 650 euros for the Intel Core i9-9900K, i.e. for a sleek consumer CPU, which is also available on a technically very limited platform (PCIe-Lanes, Dual-Channel)?

All these prices are no longer normal, because even the neutered version without hyperthreading in the form of the Core i7-9700K is still called at Caseking with a sizeable 530 euros. The current place deer Core i7-8700K also shoots beheaded well above the 600-euro mark (otherwise almost 580 euros), which should probably deprive many of the desire for a new purchase for good. Who wants to see it in the picture – here is the list of horrors:

Sure, caseking isn't exactly the cheapest online store under the sun, but it's not as expensive as the self-proclaimed electronics discounters a la Mindfactory. If I had to upgrade today – I would probably make a bigger bow around such products. Emotional things like the displeasure with a completely misguided PR campaign with questionable pre-test results and a selection of benevolent media for sampling even play only a minor role.

With your own wallet, the fun stops and the customers are not indefinitely able to suffer. Maybe that will come to an end. If not, then it was probably first.


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