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AMD Ryzen 3900X and 3700X review | igor’sLAB

With the first Generation of Ryzen, AMD has shown that end-user CPUs need to be limited to four cores and eight threads. Ryzen Gen. 2 introduced broader support for higher memory clock speeds thanks to optimized Zen architecture and gradually [...]

AMD and Cray present the world's fastest supercomputer

Something is happening again in the field of supercomputers, and so AMD and Cray presented today the probably fastest supercomputer in the world and want to take another step towards the Exascale era. For those who can't (yet) do anything with [...]

Ryzen 3000 spotted again in online shops

Two online webstores from Vietnam and Turkey list Ryzen 3000 processors based on the Zen 2 architecture and largely correspond to the earlier "rumors" of AdoredTV and the listings of various retailers. Online shops list Ryzen 3000 on The [...]


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