AMD Ryzen 4000 Mobile CPUs make Intel look old

Yesterday, AMD launched the Ryzen 4000 Mobile CPUs already presented at CES 2020. Some notebooks with the brand new chips are already available for order. Initial tests show the flagship Ryzen 9 4900H(S) is a huge leap in performance compared to the [...]

Beginner tutorial: Plan and assemble PC air cooling properly

Yes, it's just so winter and Corona has the outside life under control. Samples become scarce and stop, how warm is it actually outside? Admittedly, summer is still a long way off, but it gets warmer every day.  For a PC owner or self-builder [...]

Low-Budget Gaming PC 2020: Part 2 – Assembly

After the choice of the platform and the components has been made in the first part, this part is now about the assembly of the system. This is not a perfect step-by-step guide with the claim of absolute completeness, but only a loose summary in the [...]

First AMD B550 motherboard shows up

The B550 chipset has practically disappeared from that of the media image surface for a long time, as it was simply not installed in corresponding products. This left a gap in middle-class motherboard models. So far, we have only seen one B550A [...]

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