Intel Innovation 2023: Intel confirms three new CPU generations for client PCs: Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake and Panther Lake

Intel unveiled its next generation of client CPUs at Innovation 2023, including Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake and Panther Lake. Arrow Lake is the first generation and will be launched next year. It is based on the 20A process node and uses a new core architecture. Lunar Lake and Panther Lake will follow in the following years. Intel’s next desktop [...]

AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7985WX: The flagship for the SP6 platform

AMD has not yet officially announced the new Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7985WX with 64 cores, but first pictures of the processor have already surfaced on the Internet. The chip is supposed to use the SP6 CPU socket and have 64 Zen 4 cores. There is not much information about the Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7985WX yet, but it is clear that AMD wants to [...]

Intels 18-A-Prozess: Der Schlüssel für ARMs Durchbruch im mobilen Markt?

Intels 18-A-Prozess könnte ARM zum Durchbruch im mobilen Markt verhelfen. Intels neueste Prozesstechnologie, der 18-A-Prozess, hat das Interesse der Branche geweckt. Analysten gehen davon aus, dass ARM einer der ersten Kunden sein könnte, der den Prozess nutzt. Dies könnte ARM dabei helfen, Marktanteile im mobilen Markt zu gewinnen, da der 18-A [...]

DIY Modding: White Edition for small money – We paint a graphics card

During the review of the BeQuiet Shadow Base 800 FX, I simply felt the need to install a white graphics card. Since no adequate model could be found in the short term and I had a rough idea of what the whole story should look like, we did it ourselves without further ado. And even if this is not the holy grail of knowledge today, we can all [...]

New standards: Cybenetics presents ATX v3.0 “Pass” badge

In the field of power supply units (PSUs), attention has recently turned to Cybenetics, a renowned company known for its expertise in PSU certification. Their latest release, a series of new badges, was specifically designed to fulfill the critical role of validating PSU compatibility with the ATX v3.0 standard. As the market experiences [...]