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Micron starts production of HBM2 and plans to deliver this year

Micron's latest earnings report also includes information that the company will soon begin production of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2). Although it seems a little late for this, Micron's presence in the storage market is likely to leave a positive impression on the end customer. Micron [...]

T-Force DDR4 4000 Xtreem in AMD and Intel test – Came, saw and lit

The T-Force Xtreme series had been announced for some time, but now, in January 2020, the fastest modules will finally be available on the market. I was able to get one of the packs with the T-Force DDR4 4000 Xtreem ARGB and of course also test the memory bulb extensively. These kits made of 8GB [...]

White and fast: KFA2 Hall Of Fame Extreme DDR4-4000 in review

What is white, fast and in its class still (with) the cheapest offer? With the KFA2 Hall Of Fame Extreme DDR4-4000, you can not only visually finely upgrade your system, but also accelerate it. What this in the Praxi... Memory Tests Intel The nice thing, of course, is that we can fully extend the [...]