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Samsung's popular B-Die memory chips to be replaced

Samsung's production of B-die memory chips has expired and will be replaced with new A and M dies. The popularity of Samsung's memory chips is mainly due to the good compatibility with AMD's new AM4 platform in combination with a modern [...]

New storage standard is set with LPDDR5

For mobile devices, JEDEC has now finalized a new standard with LPDDR5, which doubles the data rate while being more energy-saving, flexible and lavish than its predecessor. Samsung announced last year that it had developed low-power DDR5. SK Hynix [...]

Corsair launches 192GB 4GHz RAM kit – for 3,000 USD

Can it be a little more? With a new DDR4 RAM kit from the Vengeance series, Corsair is taking a new memory into its portfolio. However, with a total pakazity of 192 GB and a price of 3,000 USD, the RAM is clearly aimed at well-heeled workstation [...]

Reader review: Fractal Design Define S2

At the beginning of the winter of last year, Tom's Hardware had started a raffle for the reader test of three Fractal Design "Define S2" cases (to the competition). Since it was open for a long time who won, I was all the more pleased [...]

Corsair Introduces Innovative RGB LEDs

Corsair has surprisingly unveiled its new, innovative Capellix LEDs, which will be used in future RGB products. A new manufacturing method is used. The new method provides a better RGB experience with more efficient LEDs, which should provide a [...]

Thermaltake Unveils WaterRam RGB Liquid Cooled DDR4 Memory

The manufacturer Thermaltake now also offers memory modules. From Thermaltake there are two new DDR4 kits, which convince on the one hand with an integrated water cooling and on the other hand with 16.8 million freely configurable RGB colors [...]

let'sBUILD! – Live stream on 30.12.2018 | Caseking.de

On New Year's Eve only bollards and rockets? We will light our very own fireworks at the turn of the year and we will be holding our first live stream in cooperation with Caseking. We want to build a PC for beginners and especially take away the [...]

Finally ready: New JEDEC standard for HBM

The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association is known for setting standards for the microelectronics industry. A new standard has now been disclosed for HBM as JESD235. HBM was most recently used in AMD's Fury and Vega cards and is also used in [...]

Apacer Introduces 32-Bit SODIMM for Arm and RISC-V Systems

Apacer has announced a series of 32-bit SO DIMMs designed for systems based on processors with Arm, RISC, or RISC-V architectures. The memory modules enable SoC developers to combine the benefits of high capacity with the power of modular storage [...]

Crucial offers 32GB nVDIMM server memory modules

Crucial has announced its first 2933 MT/s NVDIMM server storage, available in capacities of up to 32 GB. In professional systems, the module allows data packets to be outsourced between the memory and the NAND on-module in such a way that almost [...]

Samsung introduces DDR4 RDIMM with 256GB capacity

Samsung has introduced new Registered DIMM (RDIMM) for servers with a capacity of 256 GB per bar. They are based on the 16 Gb DDR4 memory introduced by the company earlier this year and use 3DS technology, which stacks the memory.

Gigabyte expands product portfolio with NVMe-NAND SSDs

Under the AORUS brand, Gigaybte already offers almost all the essential components needed to build a PC system. Now the company is presenting SSDs with NVMe flash memory in M.2 format. Previously, Gigabyte only offered 2.5-inch SSDs with SATA [...]

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