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SK hynix starts series production of HBM3E memory

Micron or SK hynix? Each claims to be the first, as SK hynix has announced that it has gone into series production of its own HBM3E memory and will soon be launching it on the market.

Image Source: SK hynix

This is the latest AI memory product with expected ultra-high performance, which will be delivered to customers later this month. The company announced the development of the HBM3E memory just seven months ago.

SK hynix is one of the first suppliers of HBM3E memory with DRAM chips. The company is thus building on its early achievements with HBM3 memory. It claims that in order to build a successful AI system that processes large amounts of data quickly, a semiconductor package should be built in such a way that numerous AI processors and memories are interconnected multiple times. The demand for more powerful AI semiconductors is growing more and more, and global big tech companies are also increasingly longing for progress in this area. Here, SK hynix believes that its HBM3E is the optimal choice for them to meet these growing expectations. The new memory processes up to 1.18 TB of data per second, which is equivalent to processing more than 230 full HD movies (5 GB each) in one second.

It is also mentioned that the AI memory operates at extremely high speed and a key qualification of this is to control the heat generation required for the memory. Compared to the previous version, this memory offers 10% improved heat dissipation performance through its MR-MUF2 process.

In any case, SK hynix’s Head of HBM Business Sungsoo Ryu has high hopes for this product. He explains this step as a completion of the company’s AI memory products. The company will definitely consolidate its position and continue to play a leading role.

With the success story of the HBM business and the strong partnership with customers that it has built for years, SK hynix will cement its position as the total AI memory provider.

Source: SK hynix


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Micron oder SK hynix? Jeder beansprucht für sich, der Erste zu sein, denn wie das Unternehmen SK hynix bekannt gab, ist man in die Serienproduktion seiner eigenen HBM3E-Speicher gegangen und wird diese auch schon bald auf den Markt bringen. Dabei handelt es sich um das neueste KI-Speicherprodukt mit voraussichtlich ultrahoher Leistung, das bereits im Laufe dieses Monates and die Kunden geliefert werden soll. Das Unternehmen hatte die Entwicklung des HBM3E-Speichers erst vor sieben Monaten bekannt gegeben. SK hynix gehört zu dem ersten Anbieter von HBM3E-Speicher mit DRAM-Chips. Das Unternehmen knüpft somit an seinen frühen Leistungen des HBM3-Speichers an. Hierbei wird […] (read full article...)

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