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Ubisoft: AI breathes life into NPCs – generative AI for unique gaming experiences

Ubisoft is venturing into the unknown, reported the colleagues from TechPowerUP With the NEO NPC project, the Paris-based studio is exploring the possibilities of generative AI to revolutionize NPC storylines in video games. Working with Nvidia’s Audio2Face application and Inworld’s Large Language Model (LLM), the team is breathing life into NPCs and enabling unimagined gaming experiences.

Source: Ubisoft

Authenticity is key:

The authenticity of the interactions is at the heart of the project. The AI does not serve as a substitute for human creativity, but as a tool to bring the authors’ visions to life. Virginie Mosser, Narrative Director, describes the process: “I create the character’s backstory, hopes and dreams and use this information to shape a model.”

Synergy of man and machine:

Data Scientist Mélanie Lopez Malet trains the model to understand the authors’ intentions and translate them into spontaneous dialog. “The model learns to imitate the character and behave in the way Virginie imagines,” explains Malet.

Dynamic play experiences:

Players have the freedom to explore the boundaries of interaction. The model responds to different requests and situations, with the NPC’s personality always at the forefront. “It’s ‘magic in, magic out’ when the player creates a scene and everything falls into place,” enthuses Malet.

Responsibility and ethics:

To avoid inappropriate content, the team has implemented various filters. “There is a difference between provocation and offense,” says Malet. “The characters don’t have free will, they have a role in the story,” emphasizes Mosser.

A look into the future:

NEO NPC is a groundbreaking project that could shape the future of storytelling in video games. With generative AI, developers can create unique and emotional gaming experiences that redefine the boundaries of what is possible.

Source: TechPowerUP, Ubisoft News


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Mich würde interessieren, wann das real zu erwarten ist? Gibts konkrete Titel damit? ich würde es gern mal life erleben und selber testen, klingt hochspannend, für mich.

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