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Mafia Definite Edition – (almost) better than the original. Just play it!

Mafia was my favorite for long evenings (and sometimes nights) for 18 years. So a new edition should be quite difficult in direct comparison. But for Mafia Definitive Edition, the actual gameplay would (thank God) not change much. Much of what is new can be deselected or adapted to the old feeling [...]

NVIDIA LDAT – Latency Display Analysis Tool introduced and tested

The fact that you generally use the FPS, i.e. the rendered frames per second, as a benchmark for the gaming performance, is common but actually anything but target-oriented. If you know my metrics in the graphics card tests, you will have noticed that for some years now, I have been using the frame [...]

DEATH STANDING – optimized Psychotrip with (almost) perfect DLSS

Death Stranding is in some ways an opinion leader. Either you like it or you hate it. At least you can't accuse this game of being "uniform mash", because it does many things differently than you would expect. Whether it is a successful console port nevertheless or just because of [...]