New Zotac handheld with technical specifications leaked

It has only recently become known that Zotac is launching a gaming handheld, the Zotac Zone. Now VideoCardz is revealing the first technical specifications of this product so that customers can take a first look at it. An APU from AMD will be used. More precisely, it is the AMD Ryzen 7 8840U APU. This is equipped with the Zen 4 architecture and [...]

Nintendo goes all Asus: “Service” as a goldmine, a double cycle of goods for cheated customers and a defective cent component. Not like that!

When normal sales are no longer enough, companies naturally like to look for other lucrative sources of income. Today’s article will show you how this can easily be done and proves once again that companies like Asus or Samsung are just the tip of the iceberg that can cause your wallet to sink with a big crash. Let’s say you have a [...]

Performance leap: NVIDIA RTX 5090 with new “Blackwell” monolith

The next generation of graphics cards is imminent, reports Kopite7kimi via Platform X. NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 5090, the new flagship, is said to be equipped with a monolithic “Blackwell” chip, pushing the previous performance envelope. Based on leaks and rumors, we can look forward to a GPU with up to 24,567 CUDA cores, a 512-bit [...]

No more being banned: AMD introduces its new Anti Lag 2 technology

You may remember the big AMD “scandal” that made headlines among gamers. Because of Anti-Lag, anti-cheat systems raised the alarm and recognized it as positive. As a result, players were unintentionally banned from various games. But there were also some other problems for players. Now they are returning with Anti Lag 2 and want to [...]

A little more speed? Gladly! MSI launches new firmware for the MSI Claw

There is new news for MSI Claw handheld fans. The company MSI has rolled out a new firmware update that should bring you a lot of speed and fans can benefit from it. However, this update is also intended to set an example against the ROG Ally from Asus. According to this, the latest BIOS update, version s E1T41IMS.109 BIOS (referred to as 109) and [...]

AMD Strix Halo: Powerhouse with 16 Zen 5 cores and 40 RDNA 3 GPU cores

The Strix Halo APU is based on a chiplet design with up to three This shows Olrak_29 on X, two CCDs (Core Chiplets) and one GCD (Graphics Chiplet). This enables flexible configuration and scalable performance. The CCDs offer up to 16 Zen 5 cores with 32 threads and up to 64 MB L3 cache, while the GCD houses the RDNA 3 graphics architecture with up [...]

Intel Falcon Shores: Powerhouse with 1500W – mandatory water cooling!

An energy-hungry powerhouse for AI and HPC With up to 1500 watts TDP and liquid cooling, Intel is entering the AI accelerator market with full force, reports Computerbase. Higher performance, higher energy consumption. At ISC 24, Intel unveiled details of its next generation of GPUs, Falcon Shores, causing quite a stir. With a TDP of up to 1500 [...]

ASUS presents its new ROG Strix XG27UCS with 4K resolution

ASUS presented its new ROG Strix XG27UCS monitor yesterday, which offers a number of highlights for gamers. With 160 Hz and a 4K resolution, it is definitely a possible purchase option for gamers. But very slowly. What do you expect explicitly with this new monitor? The monitor is 27 inches in size and measures 3840 x 2160. As already mentioned [...]

New, but almost the same: Asus presents its Rog Ally X

If you take a closer look at the handheld console market, there really isn’t much choice. At least among the better-known companies. There is the Nintendo Switch or the well-known Steam Deck, which many fans also celebrate. However, Asus is also in the race and has its Asus Rog Ally, for example, but this probably has some problems in terms [...]

MSI QD-OLED gaming monitors: Firmware update brings DSC and other optimizations for an even better gaming experience

  MSI releases a comprehensive firmware update for its QD-OLED gaming monitors MPG 271QRX QD-OLED and MPG 321URX QD-OLED, which brings numerous new features, bug fixes and optimizations. Improved user-friendliness and flexibility: One of the most important new features is the implementation of a DSC switch in the OSD menu. This allows users to [...]