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Smaller is always better! Zehpyr launches its new GeForce RTX 4070 as an ITX

Normally, large graphics cards come onto the market in a considerable size. Usually with two or even three fans. With the family from the 4070 series, for example, there is also an option with one fan, but the part is still large. However, things are different at Zephyr, as they recently launched their new GeForce RTX 4070, which comes in an ITX format. And as has already been reported, the card sold out faster than you would have thought. Yes, ITX is in vogue and the graphics card market is just bobbing along, but such small and powerful cards are still selling like hot cakes – in contrast to the full-size models.

Image Source: Zephyr

This new graphics card has now been unveiled on their official social media channel on Bilibili. But unfortunately only as a video format (which is trendy). You can find the video linked below, but first the individual details are summarized: According to this, the GeForce RTX 4070 is said to have a size of 172 mm x 123 mm x 42 mm and it comes with a rather eye-catching design. To be more precise, it is a pink unicorn (alöso with a fan), which also reminds us of the spring season that is almost over. The Zephyr graphics card is equipped with an AD104-250 GPU and has 12 GB of GDDR6X memory. In principle, nothing has changed in the memory (in contrast to the standard version).

So that you can be even more convinced of the card (assuming you need it), some benchmark tests were also revealed. According to these tests, this single-fan solution is even better than dual cooling (if you believe that). According to this, the target has been achieved with a speed of 2400 rpm (leaf blower) and is 8 degrees cooler than a two-fan cooler solution (which was certainly bad). The memory temperatures are also 10 degrees better than the (rather less than optimal) comparison object. In fact, good values were also shown in 3D Mark, which show that the card can keep up with other models from the RTX 4070 GPU series.

According to Zephyr, the graphics card is already sold out, but you can count on replenishment. New graphics cards are to be made available in mid-July. However, a price is not yet known. It remains to be seen whether the card will also make it to Europe, but you can take action yourself. Typical summer slump card and therefore worth a news item.

Source: Zephyr via Videocardz


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Eine super Idee. Schade das man für die itx Karten immer so einen hohen Aufpreis zahlen muss.
Die rtx 4060 im itx Format eignet sich für richtige itx Gehäuse sowieso besser.

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Die Farbe des Lüfters ist irgendwie unpassend.

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Die Webseite und die Optik gefallen mir.

Gerne mehr Hersteller von Grafikkarten die nicht nur die Einheitsoptik haben.

Wäre nett gewesen, wenn der Werbebanner auch lesbar gewesen wäre.

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