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SpyderX Elite vs. ColorChecker Display Plus – Colorimeter comparison

Today for the weekend we have some light food. A few weeks ago, I switched my testing software – for my monitor tests – from DisplayCal to Portrait Displays Calman Ultimate. I had written a dedicated article on this and afterwards there was quite a tense disagreement in the forum (to put it mildly). The topic was not the Calman [...]

MSI Summit MS321UP Review – When useful gimmicks and a factory calibration define the price-performance level

Today we have something for the readers who don’t only gamble. The MSI Summit MS321UP is a monitor made for content creators. You notice this after unpacking at the latest, because you inevitably stumble across a measurement log. This monitor has a factory calibration for the DCI-P3 color space. But that is by far not all. The MSI MEG381CQR [...]

MSI Optix MEG381CQR Plus Gaming Monitor Review – When light and shade fight for supremacy on 38 inches and it’s “21:9”

We are through with the basics, then we can get started now. The MSI Optix MEG381CQR Plus is the first monitor to prove itself in our test. Yes, in terms of naming, all monitor manufacturers are trying to generate their own Da Vinci code. Basically, however, there is a certain logic behind it. MEG (MSI Enthusiast Gaming), 38 refers to the screen [...]

Input lag, pixel response time and refresh rate | Part 3 Monitor Basics

Since Igor is currently at the Games-Com, I can today – once again – a little romp on the homepage. So far, we had already dealt with the various panel types, the basics about colors, color spaces, and so on. For those who missed it, here’s a quick read. With the third part of our journey concerning the monitors and the [...]

Have a look: MSI is fun for two | A somewhat different monitor unboxing

Small and super fast, the 24-inch IPS Oculux NXG253R has a 360 Hz refresh rate. A real e-sports monitor! On the other hand, the MEG381CQR Plus is very big, still fast enough and packed with a lot of gimmicks. The basis for both is an IPS panel. But that was it. The two monitors are worlds apart in terms of price, and the target groups are [...]

Monitor sizes, panel types and special features | Part 1 Monitor basics

After a long hick-hack with my internet provider and a professional special case – the time has finally come. We’ll start with the basics on the subject of monitors. Today we’ll look at the topic of panel types, screen sizes and resolutions. However, I will not do a total deep dive into the technical level, but only go so far [...]