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XFX RX 6800 XT Merc 319 16 GB Review – Heavyweight and ultra silent

After the already extensively tested reference cards of AMD’s RX 6000 series, the XFX RX 6800 XT Merc 319 16 GB has also found its way to my lab as a board partner card. The continued unavailability of all of these cards to the masses is all the more annoying because these products are really [...]

The big Radeon RX 6800 (XT) overclocking and mod guide | Community

The new Big Navi cards are released and the 6800/6800 XT and the new one recently celebrated their debut. Our community member Gurdi couldn’t help but take a closer look at the AMD cards this time as well. That’s exactly why I let Gurdi continue writing, because it’s his user [...]

Busy editorial office and test laboratory

Even if one or the other might think, I’m taking some time off after all these launches – this is (unfortunately) not the case and there is more to do than ever before. However, much of this work has to be carried out in parallel and is usually bound to various NDAs with regard to the [...]