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AMD brings RDNA 4 GPUs up to speed with new “goodies” under Linux

Apparently, AMD is not willing to wait for the successful implementation of the next generation RDNA 4 GPU in Linux. The company has recently released new patches that provide initial support for the architecture’s PSP (Platform Security Processor). PSP, which stands for “Platform Security Processor”, is a special security chip [...]

RDNA 3 GPUs: AMD reactivates Anti-Lag for reduced latency

AMD’s Anti-Lag technology is AMD’s answer to NVIDIA’s Reflex. Both technologies aim to reduce input lag and improve system latency. These features are especially important when playing games with frame generation technologies such as AMD FSR 3 and NVIDIA DLSS 3. AMD’s solution offers easy activation in supported games as [...]

With the Thermal Grizzly Kryosheet, Arctic TP3 pads and cap nuts from an IKEA paper box against a graphics card hotspot | User Review

Today’s article comes from our community member big-maec and it shows how the community is also keen to experiment with various pads. The article will also show that sometimes it takes a little more work to really fix a problem permanently. The user’s problem child this time was the Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Ultra W OC 8G with [...]

AMD GPUs now use NVIDIA CUDA libraries with ROCm and ZLUDA

It is common practice to migrate codebases from one project or programming language to another, as this allows developers to access a wider range of features and simplifies maintenance. In this case, however, there is an interesting development as Team Red has apparently accelerated its efforts to port the CUDA platform to run on AMD’s ROCm [...]

Ground on the wrong track: Why only certain power connector pins melt and we should rethink PCs | Part 1 of 2

Some things are accidental discoveries and are actually so trivial that nobody even bothers to question the current flows in the PC and, above all, to measure them. We only ever measure the 12-volt rails and are happy. But with connectors such as the 12VHPWR or 12V2x6 over 6+2 pin, the 8-pin EPS and the 24-pin mainboard connection, does exactly [...]

Entry-level GPU with RTX power: The RTX 3050 is ideal for gamers on a budget

Our colleagues at WccfTech had the pleasure of talking to NVIDA and it turned out that the new GeForce RTX 3050 GPU has been optimized for budget PC gamers and thus extends the RTX experience (within this very narrow corset) to a broad player base. With 6 GB of memory, it should make functions such as RTX Ray Tracing and AI calculations accessible [...]

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Super Founders Edition 16GB vs. MSI GeForce RTX 4080 Super Expert 16 GB Review – Super-homeopathic differences on all fronts, but cheaper

Today marks the last round of the green super upgrade weeks and with the new GeForce RTX 4080 Super, there is a chip that is on the one hand more of the same and yet is supposed to be something different. With the RRP of 1109 euros (old model 1469 euros), the company naturally wants to create a sales impulse and at the same time suggest a [...]

Samsung’s GDDR7 for next-gen GPUs: 54% faster than GDDR6X

Samsung plans to showcase its next-generation GDDR7 memory at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuit Conference 2024 in San Francisco next month. The company will hold a session titled “A 16Gb 37 Gb/s GDDR7 DRAM with PAM3 Optimized TRX Equalization and ZQ Calibration” to showcase its advanced memory solutions for the next [...]

NVIDIA and the 12VHPWR / 12V2x6 Adapter without a real locking Mechanism – A serial scattering, a chance find or a one-off slip-up?

Please don’t panic again, but the new adapter is so fragile that quality management and controls can’t be tough enough to ensure safe operation. And since there will be no media launch of the GeForce RTX 4080 Super tomorrow and no results can be published until the day after tomorrow, I’m going to focus today on a product that is [...]

AMD AMF 1.4.33: Linux gamers benefit from RADV support

The open-source RADV Vulkan driver has been developed to take a strong competitive position in terms of hardware support, continuous optimization and bug fixes. Recently, extensive optimizations have been made to the RADV Vulkan driver, resulting in a significant increase in ray tracing performance of up to 200%. These improvements make the RADV [...]

AMD Fluid Motion Frames: Up to 97% FPS boost for many games

AMD Fluid Motion Frames technology was presented for the first time in September. This technology uses frame generation to increase FPS in games with just one click. Unlike FSR 3, which requires collaboration with game developers, AFMF technology can easily integrate image generation technology by injecting it through the driver side. Although FSR [...]

MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Ti SUPER: BIOS update now available

MSI hat nach weiteren Untersuchungen nicht nur ein BIOS für die betroffene RTX 4070 Ti Super Ventus 3X zur Verfügung gestellt, sondern in einem Aufwasch für alle bisher durch MSI gelaunchten Karten mit diesem Chip. Egal, ob man direkt betroffen ist oder nicht – MSI empfiehlt vorsichtshalber das BIOS-Update für alle nachfolgend aufgeführten [...]

MSI GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super Ventus 3X 16 GB review – Desired upgrade with contemporary memory expansion and price pressure from AMD

Today sees the second round of the green Super League and NVIDIA officially launches the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super in the form of the so-called MSRP cards with the help of its board partners (AIC). However, with a starting price of 889 euros (799 USD) as the MSRP, it is miles above the street price of the RTX 4070 Ti Non-Super, which starts at [...]

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Super Founders Edition 12 GB Review – Half a performance class gain makes a big difference

Today it’s getting super again. NVIDIA is officially launching the GeForce RTX 4070 Super in the form of the so-called MSRP cards. With a starting price of USD 599 or an RRP of EUR 659, the new Super-Susi is not that far off the street price of the RTX 4070 Non-Super, which starts at just under EUR 600. Today’s test will have to prove [...]