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Double test in a two-chamber case – Corsair 6500 Series Mid-Tower and the XH405i RGB Hard-Tube Custom-Loop Kit

After a long delay, today we are taking a look at the new dual-chamber case from Corsair, which generates powerful Carbide Air 540 vibes. As I also installed the XH405i RGB Hard-Tube Watercooling Kit as part of the test, you can expect plenty of pictures. So better get a large coffee to read the article today. To be precise, it was the Corsair [...]

Cooler Master MasterCase EG200 and Sapphire Radeon RX 7600XT Pulse Review – What is a current eGPU good for on a notebook?

It’s clear to everyone that, for the most part, a laptop doesn’t come close to a desktop PC. This is particularly noticeable when you want to play games or use more powerful applications. Here you can clearly see that performance and quality are already limited. A gaming laptop can help, but even here there are severe limitations in [...]

DEEPCOOL CH560 WH Mid-Tower in test – All-White DeepCool build ensures a white (and cold) Christmas even without snow

With the CH560, DeepCool remains true to its design language and appeals particularly to fans of simple shapes. The highlight: the CH560 “DIGITAL” version with integrated temperature display is available for an extra 10 euros. Read on to find out how the compact case for around 120 euros performs in everyday use. During the Christmas [...]

RAIJINTEK PONOS Ultra MS4 Mid-Tower Review – Lots of features, lots of light and yet no real enlightenment

With the ULTRA, Raijintek updates its PONOS series and brings features such as E-ATX support, a glass side panel with hinges and support for large components (40cm GPUs and 23.5cm power supplies) to the mid-range. Read on to find out whether there is a catch or whether the case equipped with four ARGB fans can once again shine in terms of price [...]