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AMD RDNA3 ISA guide now available to help optimize low-level architecture

Almost a month after the launch of the Radeon RX 7900, AMD provides a document with details about low-level instructions for the RDNA3 architecture. This very sophisticated programming guide is intended for developers who want to take advantage of the architecture by using specific instructions that have been enabled or modified for the third [...]

MSI Radeon RX 7900 GPUs unveiled, no hint at reference models

MSI says no to AMD designs? Kind of. The company finally fulfills its promise and announces the first Radeon 7000 GPUs on a tried and true basis. This is to be done before the end of January. However, no relabeled AMD reference models (MBA) will be launched for the time being. The company has now revealed the full specifications of the new Radeon [...]

OMNO Review – Award-winning indie game: Relaxation made in Germany

Where is Ryzen? They won’t be here until this afternoon, at 3 p.m. sharp. And to make the wait not so hard, we have a little pearl for you, which is really worth to be presented as well. If you have gasoline in your blood and bullets in your tank, Omno is definitely not a suitable game for you. However, if you just want to switch off and are [...]

The net laughs: Kalinka! – Modding between Moscow and Siberia

You have to like him, the Russian humour. This, in turn, coupled with craftsmanship and a bit of imagination, yields quite unimaginable perspectives in the field of case mods. Pictures that prove that even elsewhere tin produces strange flowers. Modding is a thankful field of activity and does not only consist in the affixing of various lamps or [...]

Visually pleasing pixel acceleration with upscaling? AMD follows up with FSR 2.0! Deathloop practice test with FSR vs. DLSS and a lot of measurements | Part 1 Performance

Better late than never, or what was that? Yes, unfortunately I am late with today’s topic, because the launch of AMD’s FSR 2.0 was already on 12.05.2022. At that time I was traveling abroad on business and therefore could not do any tests. Probably many of you have already dealt with the topic on various YouTube channels or other sites [...]