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TrendForce: Global SSD shipments down 10.7% in 2022

According to the latest findings from TrendForce, the global SSD market returned to normal in 2022 due to a solution to the shortage of master control ICs that had impacted the market in 2021. Despite the normalization of supply, global SSD shipments saw a decline, with only 114 million units shipped in 2022 – a 10.7% decrease from the [...]

Dangerous pitfalls when buying online: Dropshipping explained simply and why the customer still has the upper hand

Today’s article refers to the two articles already published and linked again in the footer about the unsuccessful purchase of an item declared to be in stock and the subsequent hurdles for the customer, which should actually not be any, because here the process is very clearly regulated by law. But since most customers do not know the [...]

Interactive case fan database – Test methods and equipment

Fan search and overview (ranking) Direct 1:1 comparison of two fans Test methods and equipment Our fan measurement chamber and claim Since there is currently no source that offers realistic and usable data even in direct comparison, we invested a lot of time and money and simply developed our own fan measurement station with the advice of a large [...]

AMD EPYC 9754: In the benchmark, a single Bergamo is supposed to be 42% faster than two Sapphire Rapids chips

AMD officially presented its new EPYC Bergamo CPUs, which are equipped with the Zen 4C CPU cores. Thanks to this potent core architecture, AMD can achieve an impressive doubling of core density compared to the conventional Genoa chips. This allows the Bergamo CPUs to support up to 128 cores and 256 threads, a 33.3% increase over the standard Zen 4 [...]

Innodisk has the right idea for Gen 5 SSDs to make them passively coolable

Innodisk has proposed an innovative solution to implement PCIe Gen 5 NVMe SSDs. Instead of keeping the M.2 form factor, they propose to design them as PCIe add-in cards. This would eliminate the need for oversized cooling with noisy 20mm fans, and SSD designers could instead use cooling solutions similar to those used on graphics cards. Gen 5 NVMe [...]

AMD Zen 6 CPUs (on 2nm) were allegedly spotted (rumor)

It seems that there was a brief mention on a LinkedIn profile that Zen 6 server processors might already be available. However, the existence of the entry was very short-lived, but screenshots prove that this could even be a possible leak. It is important to be extremely cautious in such cases and not jump to conclusions, as unconfirmed [...]

NVIDIA releases DLSS 3.1.0 SDK with optional auto-update feature

This is the first update for the NVIDIA SDK since version 2.4.0 was released in March 2022. It includes some new features and an updated guide for developers who want to enable DLSS in their games. The NVIDIA DLSS development team has provided new samples for Linux and Windows applications, as well as a new precompiled DLSS library that can now be [...]

AMD Radeon 780M – integrated RDNA3 graphics tested in 3DMark (LEAK)

The final driver for the integrated RDNA3 graphics is probably still a few weeks away. Nevertheless, some preliminary results on the Bilibili platform with the AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS processor, codenamed Phoenix, have now been published. This processor type features the latest AMD architectures like the Zen4 CPU with 8 cores and RDNA3 for graphics [...]