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AMD Zen 6 CPUs (on 2nm) were allegedly spotted (rumor)

It seems that there was a brief mention on a LinkedIn profile that Zen 6 server processors might already be available. However, the existence of the entry was very short-lived, but screenshots prove that this could even be a possible leak. It is important to be extremely cautious in such cases and not jump to conclusions, as unconfirmed information may be erroneous or misleading. So it’s important to consult official sources and gather more information to make sure all the information is correct before making any decisions. This is a salvatory clause in advance. But then curiosity drives you forward.

Source: AMD

The information was obtained from the LinkedIn profile of a suspected AMD engineer. These details were first made public by colleagues at Wccftech. It was also reported that the information was quickly removed from the website, which is not certainly surprising since it is not official information. However, it is not known why the information was removed and there is no official confirmation on whether the information is correct or not.

In summary, there are now also initial reports of an alleged leak of information about AMD’s upcoming Zen 6 architecture. However, this information is not fully verified and there are good reasons to be habitually skeptical. A tweet that pointed to the profile that allegedly caused the leak has also been deleted, while another tweet from Kepler_L2 is still available. Although the leak might be real, it does not tell us much about the actual Zen 6 architecture. One interesting observation, however, is that the name “Zen” appears to be retained, contradicting earlier rumors that AMD might change the naming convention with this architecture.

What the engineer says is that they are working on power management issues for Zen 6 server chips, and the most important piece of information – aside from some technical gibberish – is that these processors will be manufactured in the 2nm node. Based on the currently available information, it is quite possible that AMD’s Zen 5 processor will be launched in the first half of 2024. There are rumors that AMD is working with manufacturing the chips on TSMC’s 5nm or 6nm process technology, which could lead to improved performance and power efficiency.

In terms of the Zen 6 processor, it’s hard to make an accurate prediction since it’s still in development and AMD hasn’t released any official details about it yet. However, as has been mentioned, TSMC plans to start mass producing chips based on its 2nm technology in 2025, which could indicate that the Zen 6 could possibly hit the market in late 2025 or early 2026. Regarding the codename Morpheus for the Zen 6 cores, we can only speculate what it might mean. It’s possible that it refers to the performance of the processors, or it could just be a random name that has nothing to do with the CPU’s features or performance. Ultimately, we’ll have to wait until AMD releases official information about its future products to learn more.

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