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NVIDIA releases DLSS 3.1.0 SDK with optional auto-update feature

This is the first update for the NVIDIA SDK since version 2.4.0 was released in March 2022. It includes some new features and an updated guide for developers who want to enable DLSS in their games.

Source: Nvidia

The NVIDIA DLSS development team has provided new samples for Linux and Windows applications, as well as a new precompiled DLSS library that can now be used by games. The kit lists some interesting new features that will now be available to game developers.

Source: Github

The most important point is the ability to keep DLSS up to date. The NVSDK_NGX_UpdateFeature allows game developers to request the latest over-the-air (OTA) update for the DLSS library when the feature is called. This does not work automatically unless implemented by the game developers. If this feature catches on, it means NVIDIA can gradually provide DLSS updates for many games. However, this also means that testing games becomes much more complicated, as the DLSS version can change.

Source: Github

DLSS 3.1.0 is also suitable for DLSS 2 games. The precompiled library will simply not enable the frame generation boost for unsupported hardware.

Source: NVIDIA



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Intel ARC hat ja vorgelegt, haltet euch ran ihr grünen Indianer, sonst gehen euch demnächst noch mehr Punkte verloren :cool:

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