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Pott-Cast #2 – Igors Super Week and a Few Insights | Video

Yes, the revamped calendar week 27 is history and it will probably remain in my memory for a long time to come. Everything was great with Super. Stressful because Nvidia simply had to put in a little disturbance. In principle, this is all kindergarten, but you have to bathe it as a reviewer or [...]

Created: igor'sLAB now also uses a digital video studio as a new format

I know that many of the loyal readers have already wondered if I am sick, on holiday or on the run, because I have already made myself a bit rare visually and verbally this week. But it's not one of them, I can reassure everyone, of course. But if you want to build a new, small video studio [...]

Real frozen cut? EK Waterblocks Vector Radeon VII review | igorsLAB

A little bit I now put up the horse from behind, after we have already reached and published the overclocking results of the Radeon VII with exactly this cooler, but especially the assembly of this cooler in general and the peculiarities of the Radeon VII when tightening the screws in particular, a [...]