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Netflix raises prices for its streaming service

Following the price increases in the USA, Netflix is following in Germany and increasing its prices by 9-14 percent for its standard and premium subscriptions. The Basic Pact remains stable The price of the basic package is not affected by the price [...]

Quixel demonstrates impressive megascans in the Unreal Engine

Quixel and Epic Games demonstrated an impressivephoto-realistic demonstration created with the Unreal Engine 4.2.1 in the State of Unreal event at the GDC. Three developers, known for their photogrammetry skills, used megascans to create these [...]

Samsung will no longer manufacture Blu-Ray players

The last real battle to enforce a video format was almost 10 years ago and was ultimately decided by Sony by the Blu-Ray, which pushed the HD DVD out of the market. There was no successor. The Blu-Ray brought Full HD into the living room and also [...]

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