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Raijintek Enyo as RGB irradiated hardware bunker – video trailer for review

Yes, the sun is shining, I know. And yet I have been sitting here in the laboratory for hours hiding and building and building… And because the Raijintek Enyo is so huge, the plans and ideas change even during the testing and construction phase. There is actually almost nothing that wouldn't fit in – even if it's a second PC. But that was a bit too much for me and so the project is now as it is. Finished. For now. Because never say never…

No, this case is not completely error-free either. or let's say it better: not quite optimal. Because you can always complain and only a few things surprised me a little bit and annoyed me. But (a) there is nothing that wouldn't solve it with a little imagination, (b) I also have my beloved cable ties and (c) you can discuss the most important thing with the manufacturer. solution in sight.

That's why this time something like a PC suitable for everyday use in the form of a (supposed) showcase. Over 20 kilos of hardware hardcore and yet the good piece is fully equipped for daily work. Because I also have a radio remote control that drives the entire illumination tamel to the blackout, if it has to be. And it has to do that from time to time. Otherwise you'll turn through.

But also with the Chinese LED floodlight it has its very special charm and so I have already cut a short trailer of the whole RGB-pacification for you:



It is almost finished, only the side walls of glass still need. Also be cleaned. But i pick that up for the final shoot and the review, because the sun lures me out. I'm not a basement kid. Just almost. In that sense, let yourself be surprised. I did really hard physical work here, because the part weighs heavily and I always had to present it beautifully photogenic in front of the camera. So run with me. But not out.




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