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Created: igor'sLAB now also uses a digital video studio as a new format

I know that many of the loyal readers have already wondered if I am sick, on holiday or on the run, because I have already made myself a bit rare visually and verbally this week. But it's not one of them, I can reassure everyone, of course. But if you want to build a new, small video studio, you become a furniture packer, cleaner, interior designer and painter in personal union. Even German master companies are not really reliable when it is up to deadlines and agreements, so there are still a few small things missing, e.g. make the sound better.

I will now (have to) put my hand up, just as I do with the other things.  The rest is already standing and so I can now either film here in the Green Room, at the benchtable or the gaming table and i mean to mix everything together. Something always works. I get the hall away, it's a matter of honour!

And so we take another step in the direction, let's call it web tubing, where we can connect different media in such a way that on the one hand I can pack a maximum of information and on the other hand still different target and user groups Reach. After all, we too must feed families and plan life in a meaningful way. All this, and many things that have already been planned and are in some cases already in the implementation phase, should help to ensure that we do not have to suffer the same fate as those of such institutions, such institutions, hocP, PCPER or even Hardware.fr.

No one is immune from this, but one must recognize the signs of the times in good time. With more output and massive staff, you can certainly increase the range in the network, but this spiral of steady growth is unfortunately finite. But that's exactly where we were faced with the decision to do both in the end, because the classic advertising is dead, mausetot. And if you don't want to bend or even sell, you have to jump over one or the other shadow and go new ways.

The website remains, of course, so do I. But there will probably be a stronger link age of content in the near future. After all, I am not an amoeba that can multiply at will by cell division. But the big launches and the many individual tests remain natural, albeit in slightly modified form. Let yourself be surprised! In the sense of… You read and see yourself!

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Igor Wallossek

Editor-in-chief and name-giver of igor'sLAB as the content successor of Tom's Hardware Germany, whose license was returned in June 2019 in order to better meet the qualitative demands of web content and challenges of new media such as YouTube with its own channel.

Computer nerd since 1983, audio freak since 1979 and pretty much open to anything with a plug or battery for over 50 years.

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