Pott-Cast #2 – Igors Super Week and a Few Insights | Video

Yes, the revamped calendar week 27 is history and it will probably remain in my memory for a long time to come. Everything was great with Super. Stressful because Nvidia simply had to put in a little disturbance. In principle, this is all kindergarten, but you have to bathe it as a reviewer or. out(chw)itzen. The Sunday exit of Navi is well known and with Ryzen that's one thing. Anyone who claims their benchmarks are the only right ones. he has both right and wrong at the same time.

The buzzword is CALLED AGESA, the microcode that AMD has chiseled into the gene database of all motherboard BIOSes. But there are many versions with partly almost daily update, with older ones running higher clocks, but the RAM running better for newer ones. PBO is an unopened miracle bag that rattles differently with every AGESA version, but it's better not to open it. This heck is also the reason why our review looks as it looks.

There will be post-tests, logically. But if agesA 1002 is followed by 1003 (I write it without all the points) and then on Sunday a 1003a, only to be followed by a 1003ab today. No, that's not possible and you become completely gaga. I wait until the frantic frenzy turns into a nice round thing and then test again, promised. And you can see the rest of my sensitivities in the video. Even some of my new rooms.

I don't have one thing in the video, for reasons of piety. Please don't change anything in the Ryzen Master Tool! It is now also clear to me why the CPUs are slyly energised by some colleagues. As soon as you opened this piece of jam software, a whopping 1.5 volts were on the CPU. Closing the Ryzen Master then lowered the voltage again. The madness fat prey, I can only say. In the meantime, I've also reported everything well, let's see. This also applies to The PBO clock rates and the Windows power saving settings.

And otherwise? Stay tuned, there will probably be major changes to be announced soon. Several even 🙂




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