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The end of the A and Non-A chips on the GeForce RTX 2070 and 2080! Nvidia ends the two-class company with new SKUs at the end of May!

Today I received this news exclusively from several sales channels and it is all the more interesting that even in the headquarters of the large board partners the engineers were the last to get this information pierced. But what has actually been announced? Nvidia will remove the separation of the TU104-400 and TU106-400, i.e. the GeForce RTX 2070 and RTX 2080, and will no longer offer two variants with different hardware ID for each of the two SKUs, but only a some design with an ID.

This means that all tickets will be able to be sold from the end of mail with permitted factory overclocking. In order to end this 2-class separation in the hardware, only TU104-410 and TU106-410 will be delivered, which are supposedly already in production for weeks. But what happens to the cards already produced by the board partners? These will also be able to be flashed with a new BIOS before final delivery, which Will be released to Nvidia in a timely manner.

What else is new about what's happening with the prices and where the possible reasons for Nvidia's rethink might lie, you can of course find out in my video today. Incidentally, In the future I will also put more such news and garnish the embedded videos here on the homepage with some text. Because there are also loyal readers who have not yet subscribed to my channel (don't forget the bell!) and will probably not visit YouTube as a registered user in the future. We must not forget that.



And otherwise? Nice weekend and ignores the muddy weather. 🙂

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