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Gaming rig with the Cooler Master SL600M Black, an i9-9900K, as well as the Z390 Master and rtX 2080 Ti Extreme by Aorus | The Community Testers

Now you could post another 20 pages of photo of the successful assembly, but I think that the video format with the (sometimes time-lapsed) view of the construction realization gives more. The SL600M Black by Cooler Master is a thankful midi tower that offers some small innovation that goes beyond the mainstream. RGB can, but does not have to, and it is rather the details that could and should be discussed.

Moreover, my opinion is not the manifestation of the irrefutable and the involvement of the community on my part a welcome instrument to polish up the objectivity of the tester after more than 100 tested tin boxes and to awaken the mind. After all, one quickly becomes unjust, too petty or unjustly bored. In the case of the nobility, this used to mean fresh blood, nowadays one should rather involve the community, i.e. people who also have daily handling of components, but do not exploit this professionally and see one or the other quite contrary.

That's why today's video has a certain experimental character. It is not possible without a website and many analyses can only be carried out in the review with the necessary depth and information diversity. But it's easier to show an assembly than to describe page by page what you're doing. And there has to be some entertainment, otherwise we could be walled in together with the necessary lexicons. My friend Dennis aka Dirtys CrapLab makes his debut as a community tester in the video today and I hope that I will also like this format as a complement to the traditional form of the website. We would be pleased about that.

Of course, I am responsible for the data and facts and in the end no one should have to do without them – video or not. That's why I now have the data sheet and the manual for you, you don't really need to know more in sum.

MasterCase SL600M Black Edition Product Sheet


SL600M User Manual Small

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