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Cooler Master Hyper 622 Halo Review – Half black, half RGB Illumination

We recently reviewed this manufacturer’s new all-black flagship, but today we’re moving more in the direction of the upper mid-range, and it’s also allowed to have some colorful lighting. A decent cooling performance and still an unproblematic size for most mid towers is promised, so let’s check it out together! Here we go [...]

Interactive case fan database – search and compare the specifications as well as real measurement data of current fans

Today we start the beta phase of our first interactive fan database and offer for the first time a variety of real measurement results compared to the manufacturer data in an interactive database, which allows comparisons of application scenarios and speeds that did not exist so far. Since there is currently no source that offers realistic and [...]

Thermal Putty instead of expensive thermal pads with different thicknesses and an interesting thermal paste from the Far East

With the Gainward RTX 1660 Super (Susi), I am once again rescuing a graphics card that I had already tested extensively almost four years ago and that has also been in almost daily use since then. This ranges as a career ladder from the office to the recording PC (OBS) and the gaming use in the PC of my youngest son. And at some point the card got [...]

Xilence M906 in review – Plain mid-range cooler in blackout design

A little fun fact beforehand: Xilence was one of the first brands from which I (Tim, not Igor) tested a cooler several years ago. At that time I was not yet “firmly” on the road at IgorsLab! With really very reasonable prices Xilence has made a name for itself, until today they hold the #1 spot of the cheapest AiO watercooling with [...]

Heat conductive paste against food, cosmetics and various lubricant – with expected unexpected results | Practice

Groundhog day, again and again. Today, I’m pushing up a classic review for you to enjoy on a cold winter Sunday, and it was a very interesting experiment. Already 12 years ago I had tested various things up to the adhesive cream for the third for their thermal conductivity. However, this time I have modified the classics a bit and included [...]

Roundup and re-measurement of all tested CPU air and water coolers

To be able to cover the higher TDP classes of processors in the future, I upgraded my testbench from a Ryzen 5 3600 to a Ryzen 9 3950X. However, so that the compact or budget coolers are not completely overtaxed, testing is done in three stages. This article serves as a reference and basis for future comparisons so that tested air and water [...]