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U12S in review – Small cooling protz in dark outfit

The name Noctua is likely to be known to most, be it the private silent enthusiast, Sys admin with sensitive ears or even users in the industry. A wide range of products and very quiet operation are associated with the Austrian/Taiwanese company for as long as the chocolate-brown color of the fans [...]

Beginner tutorial: Plan and assemble PC air cooling properly

Yes, it's just so winter and Corona has the outside life under control. Samples become scarce and stop, how warm is it actually outside? Admittedly, summer is still a long way off, but it gets warmer every day.  For a PC owner or self-builder, the topics of waste heat, cooling and ambient [...]

Akasa Turing – Passively cool an Intel NUC

Intel's NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a mini barebone PC with laptop hardware to equip an extremely compact computer with powerful hardware. Only SSD and RAM need to be retrofitted by the user to have a full computer. Due to the compact dimensions of 117 x 112 x 36mm or 117 x 112 x 51mm, the [...]