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Arctic launches the Freezer 36 series – review will be available tomorrow morning

The manufacturer Arctic has introduced a new series of air coolers with its Freezer 36, which was launched at the time of writing. Among other things, the different variants, specifications and prices of the new air cooler were presented. You can look forward to some interesting functions. A corresponding review will be published tomorrow, March 6, at 6:00 a.m. and I can already spoil it: The cooler will bring tears to the eyes of some more expensive models.

Image Source: Arctic

Accordingly, 5 different variants of the series are offered. The standard model of the performance-optimized single-tower CPU cooler is the Freezer 36, while the Freezer 36 CO is perfect for continuous operation and the Freezer 36 A-RGB Black and Freezer 36 A-RGB White are two A-RGB products. If you prefer a completely black air cooler, you can also buy the Freezer 36 Black. It offers unique features. It has a clear design and therefore blends in perfectly with the system. The coolers also have openings on the side that allow additional fresh air to be drawn in. This is also characterized by a new fan bracket. This makes it possible to use almost all fans on the Freezer 36.

It is also equipped with two reliable fans optimized for high static pressure. It also has better contact. In other words, closely staggered direct-touch heatpipes for better performance on CPUs with high power density. And what really stands out is the multiple compatibility with Intel and AMD sockets. So you don’t have to worry about whether you need a CPU that is AMD or Intel and therefore have no restrictions.

At the start of the launch, you can look forward to discounted prices for the Freezer 36 series due to the anniversary promotion in their own webshop. You can save a lot with this promotion. The promotion runs for 3 months from launch until June 5, 2024. You can find the list of prices here:




Freezer 36

19,13 € 32,99

19,24 €

Freezer 36 CO

20,64 € 34,99

20,78 €

Freezer 36 (Black)


21,55 €

Freezer 36 A-RGB (Black)

24,95 € 47,99

25,40 €

Freezer 36 A-RGB (White)

25,96 € 48,99

26,17 €

Source: Arctic (press release)

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Der Hersteller Arctic hat mit seinen Freezer 36 eine neue Serie an Luftkühler vorgestellt, die man ab dem Zeitpunkt des Artikels gelauncht wurden. Hierbei wurden unter anderem die verschiedenen Varianten, die Spezifikationen aber auch die Preise vorgestellt zu dem neuen Luftkühler. Dabei darf man sich auf interessante Funktonen freuen. Eine entsprechende Review dazu wird am […] (read full article...)

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