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Cooler Master Mobius 120 and Mobius 120P ARGB Case Fan Review – Pleasant Surprise and a lot of Potential

Cooler Master sends two new case fans onto the market with the unilluminated Mobius 120 and the illuminated counterpart Mobius 120P ARGB, which, together with the Mobius 120 OC not tested today, should give everything a good shake of the competitor products. However, the price is quite high at just under 25 euros for the shadow man and just under [...]

Fan testing 2.0: feedback, measurements and new metrics for cases and radiators using the example of a Phanteks T30

The better is the enemy of the good, and that is exactly why we have taken stock after almost 40 tested fans, evaluated the feedback from readers and added more details. Although the effort involved increases somewhat, many processes can be automated. The question of which units to base the whole thing on has kept us busy for some time. Since the [...]

Sharkoon Silent Storm 140 mm ARGB Case Fan Review – High throughput, lots of static pressure and perfect on radiators

Since readers explicitly asked for the Sharkoon Silent Storm 120 mm ARGB case fan and we recently reviewed it, we have now also taken a closer look at the equally expensive 140 mm model. With street prices of also under 11 Euros, you get an ARGB case fan in 140 mm that could not only convince in the test, but is also easy on the wallet. Of course [...]

Alder Lake’s cooling problem straightened out by 5 degrees! – Simple ILM-Mod for Intel’s LGA-1700 socket | Practice

Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs run hot, very hot. A few weeks ago, Igor had already identified the bending of the CPU and motherboard due to the LGA1700 socket as a potential cause for this. Today I’ll show you a simple modification that can gain up to 5 °C in CPU core temperatures, and it almost couldn’t be simpler. Thanks (again) to [...]

Alphacool Rise Aurora 140 mm ARGB fan Review – It blows up (almost) everything and removes dust even from the thickest radiator

A speed band like an XXL braces, paired with a lot of pressure and throughput that does not break away even on the thickest radiator – the Alphacool Rise Aurora 140 mm thus recommends itself as a real radiator fan. The performance is more than restrained, it’s downright brute. Today’s test will have to clarify whether and with [...]

It gets better and better – Scythe Kaze Flex 120 ARGB case fan up to 1800 RPM, lots of pressure, extreme thirst and surprisingly little noise

I’m always amazed at how much has and is happening in the case fan field lately. With the Scythe Kaze Flex 120 ARGB one sends nowmahe also in this country an illuminated bolide into the race, which is to appear emphatic and determined, however not too loudly. The fact that it also illuminates the waste heat in a nice colourful way is a nice [...]