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Different Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM Case Fans in Review – When database tests, user experience and re-tests differ from each other

The Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM has been around for what feels like an eternity, and of course such a product may be technically improved over time, or the tooling is changed on a regular basis, or at least various details are changed. There was already media attention in 2016 about the (ultimately non-existent) differences between the Chinese and [...]

First major update of the fan database: search engine and metrics

After we released the beta on Thursday, I received a lot of feedback from the community. This was reason enough for our programmer to go one step further and implement what makes sense from a technical point of view. Thus, two new columns can already be used for ranking: Airflow per dBA and static pressure per dBA. Since this ratio is rather [...]

Interactive case fan database – search and compare the specifications as well as real measurement data of current fans

Today we start the beta phase of our first interactive fan database and offer for the first time a variety of real measurement results compared to the manufacturer data in an interactive database, which allows comparisons of application scenarios and speeds that did not exist so far. Since there is currently no source that offers realistic and [...]

be quiet! presents a new AI cooling system called Zero Wings, which works without fans and is controlled by artificial intelligence

The AI revolution has conquered and changed more and more areas of our daily lives in recent years. One of these areas is PC cooling, which is now being addressed with the new fanless Zero Wings AI fans from be quiet! has undergone an impressive transformation. These new fans are equipped with artificial intelligence that allows them to monitor [...]

Beginner tutorial: Plan and assemble PC air cooling properly

Yes, it’s winter again and the next hot hardware is just around the corner. Admittedly, summer is still a long way off, but it’s still getting warmer every day because the wattage of the components is also increasing so immeasurably. For a PC owner or self-builder, the topics of waste heat, cooling and ambient temperature (also [...]

Fan testing 2.0: feedback, measurements and new metrics for cases and radiators using the example of a Phanteks T30

The better is the enemy of the good, and that is exactly why we have taken stock after almost 40 tested fans, evaluated the feedback from readers and added more details. Although the effort involved increases somewhat, many processes can be automated. The question of which units to base the whole thing on has kept us busy for some time. Since the [...]

Sharkoon Silent Storm 140 mm ARGB Case Fan Review – High throughput, lots of static pressure and perfect on radiators

Since readers explicitly asked for the Sharkoon Silent Storm 120 mm ARGB case fan and we recently reviewed it, we have now also taken a closer look at the equally expensive 140 mm model. With street prices of also under 11 Euros, you get an ARGB case fan in 140 mm that could not only convince in the test, but is also easy on the wallet. Of course [...]