Company develops next-generation thermal paste (Leak)

The development of a next-generation thermal paste could not only improve the efficiency of heat dissipation systems, but also herald a new era in cooling technology. The mysterious company behind this project has developed a revolutionary idea that could fundamentally change the way heat is dissipated. Perhaps, because there have already been [...]

Brass instead of copper: Watercool reacts, but differently than expected

I have linked the relevant article again below, but today’s text is actually clear enough. In the Watercool HEATKILLER RAD 120-S Black I tested yesterday, I found simple and only average brass in the cooling channels instead of the advertised copper. Watercool reacted quite quickly after publishing the article and my video, but not in the [...]

The big radiator material test: Between promise, reality and the forbidden – Water Cooling tested more in Detail! | Part 1

No, I’m not going to test the cooling performance of radiators for PC cooling today, but I am going to take a closer look at the first six manufacturers and their current models to see whether they really do contain exactly what the marketing advertises and the customer buys in good faith in some cases. In the first part, I obtained [...]

Scythe Fuma 3 CPU Air Cooler Review – Newer is not always better

A good year and a half after the last revision of the popular Fuma 2, a lot has happened on the market and there is no longer a Scythe product in the top 10 most popular air coolers. Obviously, Scythe doesn’t want to take this lying down and launched the Fuma 3 a while ago. Find out whether it can still keep up and what exactly the title is [...]

Arctic Liquid Freezer III 240 and 360 A-RGB AIO CPU Water Cooler Review – Worthy successor and new standard recommendation?

No sooner have we finally caught up with the review of one of the most popular complete water cooling systems than there’s already a successor. So I won’t beat about the bush for long, here we go with the test report for version 3! And yes, Arctic obviously doesn’t just want to kill the CPUs with it, but also the competition with [...]

With the Thermal Grizzly Kryosheet, Arctic TP3 pads and cap nuts from an IKEA paper box against a graphics card hotspot | User Review

Today’s article comes from our community member big-maec and it shows how the community is also keen to experiment with various pads. The article will also show that sometimes it takes a little more work to really fix a problem permanently. The user’s problem child this time was the Colorful iGame GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Ultra W OC 8G with [...]

The Ultimate Thermal Paste and Pad Compendium: Application, Ingredients, Manufacturing, Optimization, Aging, Profit Margins and Marketing

Today I would like to dispel a few myths and, above all, explain why thermal compound is not just about the fillers and why there is a lot of marketing and even more inconsistencies and untruths in this gold-digger business. The article is also intended to raise awareness and help to separate honest and diligent suppliers from third-party [...]

Alphacool 120 mm Apex Stealth Metal Fan Reality Check – Exact error and root cause analysis and reworking including perspectives

Even if it has now taken a little longer and some impatient contemporaries have repeatedly demanded a prompt publication: It was by no means a case of us sitting it out, but rather a lot of precise work to work through almost a year of fan tests and conduct a fair investigation into the causes of the totally botched fan test of the Alphacool 120 [...]

Corsair A115 CPU Air Cooler Review – Another attempt at a high price

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen an air cooler from this manufacturer, and the last attempt was crowned with moderate success. Now they are trying again and want to reach the top. The following test report will tell you whether this will work. Packaging and scope of delivery Of course, we’ll also take a quick look at the [...]

DEEPCOOL CH560 WH Mid-Tower in test – All-White DeepCool build ensures a white (and cold) Christmas even without snow

With the CH560, DeepCool remains true to its design language and appeals particularly to fans of simple shapes. The highlight: the CH560 “DIGITAL” version with integrated temperature display is available for an extra 10 euros. Read on to find out how the compact case for around 120 euros performs in everyday use. During the Christmas [...]