Corsair A115 CPU Air Cooler Review – Another attempt at a high price

It’s been quite a while since we’ve seen an air cooler from this manufacturer, and the last attempt was crowned with moderate success. Now they are trying again and want to reach the top. The following test report will tell you whether this will work. Packaging and scope of delivery Of course, we’ll also take a quick look at the [...]

DEEPCOOL CH560 WH Mid-Tower in test – All-White DeepCool build ensures a white (and cold) Christmas even without snow

With the CH560, DeepCool remains true to its design language and appeals particularly to fans of simple shapes. The highlight: the CH560 “DIGITAL” version with integrated temperature display is available for an extra 10 euros. Read on to find out how the compact case for around 120 euros performs in everyday use. During the Christmas [...]

It began with a lie and ends today with a test and review: What can the Arctic Cooling Silicone Paste still do after 20 years in a drawer?

When you open a drawer searching for something and come across thermal paste that’s 20 years old, there are two possible reactions: throw it away or give it to me for testing. The kind dealer opted for the latter, as my curiosity is known to be the last to die. It’s almost like finding a can of soup from the era of the Deutsche Mark [...]

be quiet! Dark Rock PRO 5 in review – Finally a successor

We have already tested the somewhat larger Elite variant, and today we are going to review the PRO 5. In the following review, you will find out how it compares to its predecessors and top models from other manufacturers. And if you are interested in the slightly larger (and more expensive) cooler, you can also read the other review: Click here [...]

be quiet! Dark Rock ELITE CPU Cooler Review – A new reference?

After more than 5 years, there is once again an update of the Dark Rock series and then also directly two models at the same time. Today, we will first take a look at the “ELITE” variant, the “PRO 5” will follow soon. The following test report will tell you how the new top model from this manufacturer compares. Packaging [...]

Lian Li GA II LCD 360 in review – Square, practical, good?

We recently reviewed Lian Li’s visually quite plain, but very powerful Trinity Performance complete water cooler, and now the significantly flashier alternative has to prove itself. A small screen in the system is not to everyone’s taste, but is a good cooler hidden behind the pixels? Here you can catch up on the last review of a Lian [...]

Immersion cooling for CPUs: Intel and Submer achieve breakthrough

Intel and Submer have collaborated to formulate an innovative development in single-phase immersion cooling technology that provides optimal heat dissipation for CPUs up to 1000W. Submer specializes in providing data center solutions worldwide and is engaged in managing cooling solutions for various applications such as HPC, hyperscale, data [...]