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Thermal Putty instead of expensive thermal pads with different thicknesses and an interesting thermal paste from the Far East

With the Gainward RTX 1660 Super (Susi), I am once again rescuing a graphics card that I had already tested extensively almost four years ago and that has also been in almost daily use since then. This ranges as a career ladder from the office to the recording PC (OBS) and the gaming use in the PC of my youngest son. And at some point the card got [...]

Alphacool ES flow and temperature sensor “HighFlow” with tacho signal Review – From 100 l/h very close to the reference

The problem with inaccurate flow sensors I had already questioned once, so I had resolved to check every now and then what has happened so. With the Alphacool ES flow and temperature sensor “HighFlow” with tachometer signal (what a terribly bulky name!) Alphacool has a flow sensor in the portfolio, which works amazingly accurate for [...]

Xilence Performance X LiQuRizer LQ240PRO AiO CPU compact water cooling in review – Simple and quiet, but also good?

With little bling-bling and an attractive price, my test series of Xilence coolers continues today. Recently, we just had an air cooler from this brand, and now another AiO water cooler follows. Whether the Xilence Performance X LiQuRizer LQ240PRO also turns out to be a simple insider tip, you can find out in the following article. And just by the [...]

Sharkoon S90 RGB Review – Family reunion

Since we have already looked at the two smaller models, i.e. the inexpensive S70 and S80 with a 240mm radiator, we will only give the “big brother” a quick look today. This is visually identical to the S80 RGB, but has a larger radiator. In the following review, you can find out how Sharkoon’s first AiO water cooler compares [...]

Sharkoon S70 and S80 all-in-one CPU compact water cooling systems Review – Almost identical, but not the same after all

Today we welcome another brand in the highly competitive market of AiO complete water coolers, as Sharkoon now also offers three models. I have often praised Sharkoon when it comes to peripherals, and you can read how the two models with 240mm radiators fared in my test in the following article. The last and larger model of the new triumvirate [...]

Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Acrylic GPX-N RTX 4090 FE Review – Significantly cheaper than the rest and a real contender!

Today I’m testing the Alphacool Aurora Acryl GPX-N RTX 4090 FE Eisblock, the third water block for NVIDIA’s top-of-the-line model, and the picture is getting more and more solidified as to which cooler design is really good and usable. And this is where it gets really exciting: Alphacool’s cooler costs a whopping 90 to 100 Euros [...]

EK Quantum Vector2 FE RTX 4090 D-RGB GPU Water Block Review – Acetal instead of Acryl for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 FE

Today we are going to round two with the EK Quantum Vector2 FE RTX 4090 D-RGB. A GeForce RTX 4090 FE is per se well cooled and the original cooler is actually also perfectly sufficient. So one would hardly have a valid reason as a buyer to disassemble and rebuild this collectible. Well, almost none, because the weight and space requirements of [...]

Slime in the tubes including a long-term test – Particle filter, do-it-yourself filter and the follow-up costs of PVC tubes

No, it is not a contradiction, but transparent plastic tube (usually PVC) is cheap to buy, but really expensive in follow-up costs. Who can, prefer to go for hard tubing or such nice things as EPDM or Teflon, but there are also situations where you end up torn as to what it should be. And many a person is afraid to take anything other than PVC [...]

Heat conductive paste against food, cosmetics and various lubricant – with expected unexpected results | Practice

Groundhog day, again and again. Today, I’m pushing up a classic review for you to enjoy on a cold winter Sunday, and it was a very interesting experiment. Already 12 years ago I had tested various things up to the adhesive cream for the third for their thermal conductivity. However, this time I have modified the classics a bit and included [...]