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The big radiator material test: Radicooler, Richer-R and Magicool including purchase warnings and price-performance winners | Part 3

I’ve now reached part three and it’s time to briefly summarize the first two articles and, above all, to evaluate the reactions of the manufacturers, or rather their silence. As the case may be. Today’s test is about Radicooler (Qingdao YTeng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) and Magicool (Qingdao Magicool Electronic Technology Co [...]

Caseking reacts in an exemplary manner: Barrows Dabel series withdrawn from sale until the circumstances are clarified

After I found considerable amounts of prohibited lead in the radiator of the Barrow Dabel 28b Slim 120 mm, I naturally informed Caseking in advance, as I did with Bykski. Because the question naturally arises as to the causes and how to deal with such a violation of the applicable guidelines. Bykski’s German distributor also reacted quickly [...]

Brass instead of copper: Watercool reacts, but differently than expected

I have linked the relevant article again below, but today’s text is actually clear enough. In the Watercool HEATKILLER RAD 120-S Black I tested yesterday, I found simple and only average brass in the cooling channels instead of the advertised copper. Watercool reacted quite quickly after publishing the article and my video, but not in the [...]

The big radiator material test: Between promise, reality and the forbidden – Water Cooling tested more in Detail! | Part 1

No, I’m not going to test the cooling performance of radiators for PC cooling today, but I am going to take a closer look at the first six manufacturers and their current models to see whether they really do contain exactly what the marketing advertises and the customer buys in good faith in some cases. In the first part, I obtained [...]

Arctic Liquid Freezer III 240 and 360 A-RGB AIO CPU Water Cooler Review – Worthy successor and new standard recommendation?

No sooner have we finally caught up with the review of one of the most popular complete water cooling systems than there’s already a successor. So I won’t beat about the bush for long, here we go with the test report for version 3! And yes, Arctic obviously doesn’t just want to kill the CPUs with it, but also the competition with [...]

Lian Li GA II LCD 360 in review – Square, practical, good?

We recently reviewed Lian Li’s visually quite plain, but very powerful Trinity Performance complete water cooler, and now the significantly flashier alternative has to prove itself. A small screen in the system is not to everyone’s taste, but is a good cooler hidden behind the pixels? Here you can catch up on the last review of a Lian [...]