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Alseye MAX M240-T in practice test: All-in-one water cooling at combat price

For almost a month now, the MAX M240-T from the 60-euro segment has been available for another AiO water cooling system from the Asian budget manufacturer Alseye in Germany, which is being marketed on the German market via Inter-Tech. In contrast to the Halo H240, however, the MAX M240 does not use [...]

NZXT H1 in review – AMD Gaming-PC in mini-ITX format with Ryzen & Radeon

The part has already irritated me, if only because of the size, which should have been called small. Well, the Corsair One is completely custom loop, but here I don't have the Frickelei with the watered graphics card. On a footprint of just under 19 x 19 cm and a height of just under 39 cm, the [...]