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EK introduces new CPU water cooling blocks for Intel’s LGA1700 and AMD’s AM5 socket

Anyone who has ever built their own PC is spoiled for choice. Either a fan-based or water-based cooling solution. If you opt for the latter, the question is what kind of CPU water block you want to use. The company EK has presented two new water blocks that could entice some customers if they are prepared to spend an above-average amount of money on them.

Image Source: EK

About a year ago, EK developed its first mainstream CPU water block for dedicated, open CPUs without heatspreader (deliddet). In the meantime, user interest has reportedly increased and the company now wants to follow this trend. Accordingly, the company EK has presented its new water cooling blocks for dedicated, i.e. delidded CPUs.

The company offers its own customized water block for AMD’s AM5 socket. According to EK, countless hours of development and testing have been invested to ensure consistent performance results and a user-friendly installation process. If you believe the manufacturer, this water block is supposed to be different from the usual ones (ok, says every PR department). The other solutions require a modification of the cooling plate, while the company has developed a special water block for AM5 CPUs of the Ryzen 7000 series. The mounting mechanism differs from the Velocity 2 Direct Die water block as it is based on spacers at the four corners of the water block rather than the cold plate making contact with the nozzle guard. The entire fin structure has been adapted so that 100% of the flow is directed over the chiplets themselves.

But Intel fans are not left empty-handed either, because next up is a brand-new LGA1700 water block from Intel, which has been developed from scratch and designed specifically for such CPUs. Above all, it benefits the CPUs of the 14th generation, also due to various improvements. It therefore no longer has anything in common with the Intel Direct Die water block that appeared a year ago. This new water block comprises a specially developed cooling plate, a cooling fin structure and a mounting mechanism. The aim is to provide optimum contact for the CPU. The water block has four supports positioned at the corners. This is intended to minimize the amount of pressure exerted on the naked CPU.

For some customers, it might be attractive to look for a CPU water cooling block. You can at least find one at EK if you can afford it, want it and trust the technology.

Source: EK


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Der Leistungsvergleich zu anderen Kühlern fehlt mir.

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EK Water Blocks befindet sich offenbar in finanziellen Schwierigkeiten und soll ein Liquiditätsproblem haben. Also fraglich ob die es überhaupt in den Markt schaffen .. Gamer's Nexus hat da einiges ans Licht gebracht ..

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Wow, da müsste aber etwas gewaltig schief laufen. Bei der Preisgestaltung sollte genügend Profit übrigbleiben um einen geregelten Geschäftsbetrieb am laufen zu halten.

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