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Whisper-quiet performance: AirJet Pro laptops with innovative, dust-proof cooling available in H2 2023

Innovative cooling system for future laptops: Frore Systems presents AirJet Pro. Frore Systems has developed AirJet Pro, a groundbreaking cooling system designed to enable thinner, lighter and quieter laptops. The company plans to introduce this system in select models in the second half of 2023. In an interview with PCWorld, more details about the technology were revealed after Frore Systems announced the AirJet and AirJet Pro last December

The key features of the AirJet Pro are its compactness and ability to operate virtually silently under load. A notable benefit is the integration of dust filters into the air intakes, which help protect laptops from dust buildup. Conventional ventilation systems are unable to draw enough fresh air through dust filters, something Frore Systems says it has solved with the AirJet Pro. The first laptops based on this innovative cooling solution are expected to hit the market during the second half of 2023. With the AirJet Pro, Frore Systems is focusing on a new generation of high-performance and low-noise laptops that are also more resistant to dust.

Frore Systems’ AirJet Pro cooling system relies on an advanced membrane that is vibrated by ultrasonic frequencies. This draws in air above the membrane and directs it over the heat sink. In the first phase, the cooling performance is mainly geared toward Ultrabooks. A single AirJet Pro provides a net cooling power of 8.75 watts, which is enough to cool processors with a thermal design power of 28 watts. By combining three AirJet Pro units, this performance can be achieved.

Heat dissipation is accomplished using a vapor chamber that distributes heat evenly from the CPU to all of the AirJet Pro units present. Frore Systems expects the performance of this cooling system to increase significantly over time. In the future, the company aims to offer AirJet for gaming laptops as well, which should also ensure a silent operating environment.

Source: Notebookcheck