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New standards: Cybenetics presents ATX v3.0 “Pass” badge

In the field of power supply units (PSUs), attention has recently turned to Cybenetics, a renowned company known for its expertise in PSU certification. Their latest release, a series of new badges, was specifically designed to fulfill the critical role of validating PSU compatibility with the ATX v3.0 standard. As the market experiences increasing demand for PSUs that meet the specifications of the ATX v3.0 standard, the importance of third-party verification performed by an independent laboratory has reached a critical inflection point. This independent validation assumes an important role in verifying the claims made by various manufacturers and brands regarding the compatibility of their products with the ATX v3.0 standard.

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Headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, Cybenetics has relentlessly conducted extensive testing for ATX v3.0 compliance since the standard’s inception. With the goal of meeting the evolving needs of its partners and stakeholders, Cybenetics has proactively implemented a novel badge system. These badges serve as tangible and convincing proof of a product’s seamless compliance with the demanding ATX v3.0 standard. This validation is meticulously based on a series of comprehensive and rigorous test and evaluation procedures employed by Cybenetics.

The ATX v3.0 compatibility assessment has been seamlessly integrated into Cybenetics’ comprehensive certification process and beta assessments. This smooth integration signals a commitment to a comprehensive assessment of PSU compatibility with the ATX v3.0 standard. This approach is consistent with Cybenetics’ reputation for thoroughness and reliability in its certification practices. Manufacturers and brands, driven by their dedication to quality and credibility, have the opportunity to voluntarily submit their products to Cybenetics’ meticulous testing procedures. By meeting the rigorous parameters established by the ATX v3.0 certification criteria, these manufacturers and brands are eligible to use one of the available badges. These badges, which adhere to uniform design, offer variations in color that carefully accommodate different packaging designs. This design flexibility ensures that the badges harmonize seamlessly with the individual visual identities of different manufacturers and brands.

As such, Cybenetics’ recent introduction of ATX v3.0 compatibility badges represents a critical step in strengthening quality assurance and credibility in the PSU space. The significance of the badges goes beyond mere aesthetics; they serve as tangible evidence of the rigorous testing, evaluation and compliance with the ATX v3.0 standard that a product has successfully achieved. As the quest for improved PSU performance and compatibility continues, these badges rise as symbols of trust amidst a landscape of diverse options, offering both manufacturers and end users an increased sense of confidence and reliability.

To learn more about Cybenetics ETA and LAMBDA certifications the following links are available.

Cybenetics test methodology for PSU

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Im Bereich der Stromversorgungseinheiten (PSUs) richtet sich das Augenmerk jüngst auf Cybenetics, eine renommierte Firma, die für ihre Expertise in der Zertifizierung von PSUs bekannt ist. Ihre neueste Veröffentlichung, eine Reihe von neuen Abzeichen, wurde gezielt entwickelt, um die entscheidende Rolle der Validierung der Kompatibilität von PSUs mit dem ATX v3.0-Standard zu erfüllen. Da der (read full article...)

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