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Test the speed of your internet connection!

Together with nPerf SAS from France, we now offer our readers a very special service: a real speed test for your Internet connections! But not only that, because nPerf does not require the installation of any plugins or Flash, but also offers statistics, the possibility to record your measurements statistically and much more. We have therefore summarized the most important things for you again below.

Heads up! Not always the automatically (after the lowest ping time) found server must be the fastest! Especially with very fast fiber optic connections it can be worthwhile to test the fastest server manually. Servers with 10 Gb/s are recommended.

We offer you, based on a licensed nPerf integration, an internet speed test application which can be used for free. Every reader can use this feature to measure the speed of his internet connection. All users of the nPerf application, whether here, on partner sites or on the nPerf homepage itself, together form the so-called panel of this ongoing study. This nPerf study is therefore based on millions of tests, and thus also represents the most comprehensive data material for Germany.

Speed and latency measurements

The main task of the nPerf speed test is to measure the maximum capacity of the data connection in terms of speed and latency. To achieve this, nPerf establishes several connections at the same time, since only the full use of the bandwidth allows to measure it accurately. The bandwidth used for the so-called “barometer” (Germany-wide evaluation) is the average value measured by the application. Bandwidth measurements thus reflect the maximum capacity of the data connection.

These values may not correspond to the real and subjective perception during normal use of the Internet, as measurements are only taken on nPerf servers and some web content providers already limit bandwidth by themselves. The measured bitrate can also be (negatively) influenced by the quality of the user’s local network. This possible limitation is the higher the faster the own internet connection is. In case of a very fast fiber optic connection, a local connection via WLAN or PowerLAN can therefore reduce the measured throughput considerably.

However, since these limitations are the same for all competitors, they naturally do not influence the actual comparison among each other. Test procedure A will therefore not be able to act faster than test procedure B. Furthermore, we would like to point out these limitations to all users and expressly recommend using a good Ethernet connection to your own router in the home network.

The servers used

In order to guarantee users maximum bandwidth at all times, nPerf relies on a network of servers that are really suited for this task. These servers are hosted in Germany or abroad. The available total bandwidth for Germany, for example, is more than 25 Gb/s. Besides the automatic selection, every user can of course choose freely from the list of available servers.

Data acquisition

We cordially invite all readers and visitors to our website to participate in this anonymous survey, whereby the actual offer of nPerf is only integrated into our website. The creation of an individual account with nPerf is possible but not mandatory and no user data will be passed on to nPerf from our side. For further information, please see our Privacy Policy and the relevant information on the nPerf website.

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