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NSA may have 'supplied' its own exploit tools to China

A symantec blog post this week revealed that China's spy group Buckeye used the NSA's "Double Pulsar" and "Eternal Blue" exploit at least a year before the Shadow Brokers group was released. Symantec believes that Buckeye may also have been able to examine the NSA's [...]

Test the speed of your internet connection!

Together with nPerf SAS from France, we now offer our readers a very special service: a real speed test for your Internet connections! But not only that, because nPerf does not require the installation of any plugins or Flash, but also offers statistics, the possibility to record your measurements [...]

GDPR: German companies are particularly vulnerable to warnings

Since the 25th. The new General Data Protection Regulation will be implemented in Europe in May 2018 – with fewer warnings than previously feared. Nevertheless, German companies in particular are not yet able to breathe. Temporarily shut down websites, blocked media offers and thousands of [...]