FiiO EM5 Earbuds Review- Brilliant earbuds with extreme depth, high addictive potential and a certain fiddly factor

With the FiiO EM5, I am testing earbuds today that are a little out of the ordinary. My thanks first go to the community for sending me the test sample, because the FiiO EM5 headphones are a very exciting product for audiophiles and music lovers who are looking for an exceptional listening experience. But before we dedicate ourselves to testing [...]

Optimizing keyboard acoustics: Four mods for an improved typing experience and a few tips on the switches | Practice

The world of mechanical keyboards not only offers a wide variety of switches, but it also has a vibrant community of enthusiasts who are constantly looking for ways to optimize their keyboards. Today we present four mods that not only improve the typing experience, but can also positively influence the acoustic properties of the keyboard. 1 [...]

SHARKOON SGK50 S3 Mechanical Keyboard in comparison test – Affordable 75% keyboard with open-source firmware and pleasant sound in different variants

With the SGK50 S3, SHARKOON is expanding its portfolio with another compact keyboard that is not only fully hotswappable, but also compatible with the open-source QMK/VIA software. Read on to find out whether the keyboard, which is available in several versions, is convincing. It’s no longer a secret that I have my problems with keyboards [...]

HIFIMAN HE400se Bargain Review – Excellent planar headphones for 100 euros with only few weaknesses for music and gaming

The HIFIMAN HE400se (se stands for stealth edition) is characterized by its planar magnetic technology, which results in a very clear and detailed sound image. This technology, usually found in much more expensive headphones, enables a surprisingly even and very precise sound transmission. In addition, the HE400se offers an open design that [...]

“Equalizer APO” and “Peace Equalizer” – Perfect adjustment of headphones or loudspeakers using a real parametric equalizer | Tutorial

Today I’m going to introduce you to an equalizer software that no PC should be without if you seriously want to enjoy music on your PC or play games in style. Forget all the sliders on Realtek or Nahimic drivers or the software that often comes with gaming headsets. With 5 to 7 controls, fixed frequency settings and opaque filters of the [...]

Nerdytec Cykey RGB Mechanical Keyboard Review – “Nerdy” TKL keyboard with good workmanship and open source software

The German company Nerdytec, known for the “Couchmaster” celebrated by many sofa gamers, is launching its first keyboard on the market with the Cykey. With solid workmanship, exciting features and support for the open-source QKM/VIA software, the company wants to shake up the controversial keyboard market. Read on to find out whether [...]

Endorfy Thock Pudding Keyboard Review – A missed opportunity

I had actually hoped for a “Redemption Arc” today, but unfortunately it won’t really be anything. It’s been a good 1.5 years and back then the brand was still known as SPCGear, so they had enough time to do their homework. But first things first, let’s take a closer look at the keyboard in the following review [...]

MXL AC-404 Review – How a flat surface microphone frees the desktop and not only makes streaming easier

The MXL AC-404 USB microphone tested by me today is a high-quality condenser boundary microphone, which is equipped with three capsules and offers a recording range of 180 °. I bought the good piece for 77 euros in a well-stocked specialty store, because with certain things I trust, for example, Thomann and the reviews left there by professionals [...]

MSI Vigor GK50 Elite TKL Review – Generic TKL keyboard with a decent approach and various implementation problems

MSI adds a compact mechanical keyboard without a number pad to its portfolio with the GK50 ELITE TKL, which leaves a rather uninspired first impression without any special features or unique selling points. Whether a review is even necessary or MSI gets off lightly after all, you can read in the review. And despite this spoiler, you should read to [...]

AKKO Gear 5075B 75% Wireless Keyboard Review – Boring GMMK Pro clone or cheap custom keyboard with ISO-DE layout?

When the manufacturer AKKO Gear approached me and offered me the latest movement in ISO-DE layout, I was skeptical at first. A Chinese Glorious GMMK Pro, right? After taking a closer look at the specs, I agreed to the test after all. What the 5075B can do, you can read in the test! In the past, we didn’t always have good experiences when a [...]