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Mad Catz Introduces New R.A.T. Gaming Mice

Mad Catz today announced the availability of its new R.A.T. mice, the first product line following the founding of Mad Catz Global. The first countries to receive the new mice are Germany, Austria and France. The rest of Europe, North America and [...]

AORUS M5 with 16000 Dpi and customizable weight system

Gigabyte has introduced the AORUS M5 Gaming Mouse, which can be adapted to different game titles as well as to personal references thanks to extensive customization options. For this purpose, the company has developed a system for weight [...]

XXL mousepads from the China label: Bargain or Blender?

Who has once got used to a XX(X)L-Mousepad with, say, at least 80 x 30 or 90 x 40 cm, has learned to appreciate the comfort of practically no longer existing edges and is also happy that the key mechanic no longer penetrates so loudly to the [...]

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