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Cain 200 AIMO: The Wireless Gaming Mouse in A short test

Roccat's Cain 200 AIMO is a wireless gaming mouse with RGB lighting. It is the top animal in the Cain family and thus one of the most expensive mice Roccat offers. It is available from the usual online retailers for around 90€, which puts it in the upper price range compared to other brands [...]

Cooler Master MM710 – Lightweight with a small price

I have been following the trend of extremely lightweight mice for some time, so I was very curious as Cooler Master announced the MM710 a few months ago. It is a direct competitor to the Finalmouse Ultralight 2 and the Glorious Model 0. The idea behind these mice is to build them as easily as [...]

Budget Wireless Gaming: Sharkoon Skiller SGM3 Gaming Mouse

If you've ever been looking for a mouse, keyboard or mouse pad online, you've probably heard of Sharkoon. Because their products are often very popular because of the comparatively low prices. The Skiller SGM3 is the latest offshoot of the SGM series and can currently be purchased online [...]

XXL mousepads from the China label: Bargain or Blender?

Who has once got used to a XX(X)L-Mousepad with, say, at least 80 x 30 or 90 x 40 cm, has learned to appreciate the comfort of practically no longer existing edges and is also happy that the key mechanic no longer penetrates so loudly to the foundations , he will never want to have anything else [...]